Fair skin has been considered for centuries as beautiful and elegant. It was considered to be the type of skin only aristocrats had. In some countries women with fair skin are still considered to be very precious.

In a time of tanning salons and beach parties, more and more people opt for tanned skin, whether it’s sun tan or artificial, sunless tan. Less and less people choose to have fair skin (if they are born with fair skin) and this is due to personal preferences. Fair skin looks good indeed and creates an elegant look, a look that unfortunately doesn’t suit everyone. Fair skin helps enhance facial features, helping create a “porcelain doll” look, a look that seems to be stripped out of a fairy tale story. There are so many women who love their fair skin complexion and who wouldn’t even dream to have their milky skin tanned, and it is understandable.

It is less and less often we get to see fair skin, simply because people expose themselves either too much to the sun’s rays or artificial UV rays. Fair skin will tan, but how much it depends on each person. Fair skin doesn’t usually get too tanned but a difference in skin coloration will definitely show.

Here are some natural ways to lighten skin naturally:

use sunblock when exposing your skin to the sun to make sure your skin is not going to tan too much. Sunblock will block the ultraviolet rays from the sun, thus preventing your skin from getting too tanned. The sun’s UV rays stimulate the melanin production in the body, which causes skin pigmentation. If the UV rays are blocked or scattered, they will not be able to stimulate melanin production as much, thus will not cause the skin to tan as obviously

exfoliate the skin to remove all the dead skin cells of your body. Dead skin cells might cause your skin to appear a little bit darker. By removing dead skin cells you not only allow the skin to regenerate, you also cause it to lighten

use skin lightening products which contain bleaching agents which are meant to bleach the color of the skin. You can choose a more natural solution by rubbing lemon juice and tomato juice on your skin. Lemons are known for their natural bleaching effects and tomatoes are known for their antioxidant benefits for the skin