Dark underarms are caused by thick shaved hair that shows under the skin, sweat that over time darkens skin, antiperspirants and deodorants or dead skin cells can build up causing dark underarms. The darker underarm skin tone can make some people feel uncomfortable, thus it’s recommended you do something about the issue that’s bothering you as being comfortable in one’s skin is super important especially when it comes to self esteem. I

If you’re dealing with dark underarms you should know that there are various solutions that can help rid you of the “problem”. From natural, homemade skin lightening recipes to chemical ointments, there are several solutions you can turn towards for aid, so check out these tips and find out which one you’re willing to try first.

To get rid of the underarm hair, stop shaving an wax instead. Wax removes hair from the root so if there is no more hair left under the skin the armpits should look brighter.

If however hair is not the problem the cause of dark underarms might be due to frequent use of some deodorants and antiperspirants. Try to switch brands because some ingredients in the antiperspirants can also cause dark armpits.

The uric acid in the sweat can cause, over time, skin to darken. Keep your underarms hairless or trimmed so sweat can not accumulate. Apply talcum powder under your armpit that will absorb sweat making it less probable to cause dark skin.

Dead skin cells buildup can also cause dark underarm spots. To prevent, it is recommended that you gently exfoliate the underarm area.

You can use skin bleaching creams to brighten the skin. It is recommended that you see a dermatologist before using bleaching products.

As a home remedy you can use lemon juice to lighten the dark underarms. The lemon juice will also act as a natural deodorant.