Our skin regardless of the season, is affected by harmful factors as pollution, extreme weather conditions as well as chemicals. The perfect solution to prevent catastrophes is to learn the know-how of protection against these monsters. The lips are just as sensitive as our skin, lacking the proper moisturizing glands can lead to its dehydration and deterioration. Beauty professionals claim that this tiny organ needs thorough care and treatments. Wrinkles are one of the basic enemies of our complexion. Lips make no exception when it comes of aging, why not pamper them to avoid the unaesthetic lines and grooves on them. These are the basic treatments that should be included in our daily routine to keep our lips wrinkle-free.

Moisturizing is vital, consequently you have to provide your lips with the necessary hydration. Wrinkles are always associated with dry skin, indeed these lines can’t form on a soft and moisturized surface.

In cases the a healing lip balm is enough, however those who have an ultra-sensitive complexion might take extra care of their lips too. The market offers numerous lip moisturizers that are often also organic. Opt for these with confidence.

The sun is one of the greatest apprentices of wrinkles. It’s not a hearsay that the excessive exposure to the sun can result in early aging. This is valid also for lips, enjoy the sunlight only after securing the appropriate protection of your skin and lips.

Don’t forget to use a lip balm rich in SPF. This is the only condition to look young and not have the lips of your grannies.

Believe it or not, the food you consume while your lips are sensitive and even chapped can influence the healing process. If the skin gets in contact with harsh ingredients it can easily irritate and be prone to the formation of wrinkles.

Here are the basic agents that can worsen the situation: mustard, pepper and barbeque. Moreover there are several beverages that can also cause huge damages. In the case of dehydrated lips keep away from orange juice and alcohol.

No wonder, water can be our best ally in our battle against wrinkles. Hydration is the key to maintain our youth as long as it’s possible. Drink at least 8 glasses per day, to have healthy and kissable lips in spite of the harsh conditions you are faced with on a daily basis.

There are several homemade lip treatments that can be used regularly. Beauticians advise you to experiment with mixing your lip-gloss with a little sugar or baking soda. Then apply it to your lips with your fingertips in circular movements. Leave it on for the proper effect then wash it off with tepid water.

Those who would rather go for the industrial method, might try using lotions and balms that contain the moisturizing and nutritive alpha-hydroxy acids or the AHAs. However even though these products often contain other chemicals these acids are basically organic, made of sugar cane, fruit and milk.

Besides having a miraculous healing effect, these will also enhance the regeneration of cells. Keep a well-organized lip care routine including these rituals into it for young and sensual lips.