Cellulite is a condition that affects most women. It is characterized by fat deposits under the skin which give the appearance of orange peel. It looks like the skin has small dimples in it, and it doesn’t look good at all.

Cellulite is most likely to appear on the upper arms, legs and thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The exact cause of the cellulite is not fully known but predisposing factors of cellulite are eating habits, lifestyle and hormones.

The aspect of the cellulite is caused by the fat cells that are pushed outwards and the the fibrous tissues which maintain the skin from place to place by pulling it inwards. Cellulite is most commonly seen on women because women are less muscular than men are, therefore they are more prone to the development of cellulite.

In order to get rid of cellulite you need to work hard because it is difficult to eliminate. Here are some tips to help you start getting rid of the “orange peel” of your skin.

start loosing the extra pounds because the excess fat deposited on your body can appear under the form of cellulite

exercise to tone your muscles and burn the fat deposited on your body

eat healthy foods because healthy food doesn’t contain as much chemicals and calories as unhealthy foods so you are less prone to develop cellulite

constipation is also one of the factors which contribute to the development of cellulite, so make sure you eat soup daily and you avoid eating foods that easily constipate you

drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin well hydrated. The water will also help flush all the toxins out of the body

massages and body scrubs can also help when dealing with cellulite’s. Anti-cellulite massages and scrubs can improve the blood circulation which helps reduce cellulite

there are a lot of products available which are meant to help treat and eliminate cellulite’s. They contain different ingredients which help to break down fat deposits under the skin

pills that are based on certain ingredients which are known to boost metabolism, improve blood circulation and help break down fat cells can also be used as aid when dealing with cellulite

wraps can help melt away the fat cells from under the skin. They can be performed at home or at beauty salons

laser therapy or liposuction are more expensive treatments but very effective over cellulite

The best way to deal with cellulite is by preventing it from appearing in the first place so maintain a good weight and a healthy lifestyle.