Body odor is caused by sweat and the bacteria that forms due to the sweat. The bacteria formed eliminates an odor, a pungent smell that is considered to be repelling by most people. Body odor mostly affects the areas of the body that have the most sweat glands and little ventilation like the underarm area and the groin area. Body odor has a great importance when it comes to socializing with other people, because people who constantly smell are usually avoided.

In order to avoid or eliminate body odor you need to:

wash as often as possibly especially in the groin and armpit area, in order to eliminate the sweat and prevent the bacteria form forming

scrub the dead cells of your body because dead cells can also help with the body odor

use talcum powder to keep the area under your arms dry

use deodorant or antiperspirant to prevent or mask the odor caused by sweat

make sure you have a balanced and healthy diet. A healthy diet can help your organism regulate the sweat it produces

watch your weigh. The more overweight you are the more you will sweat due to the fact that your body needs to make more effort in order for you to do certain things

wear clothing’s that are made from natural, absorbing materials. Avoid wearing synthetic clothing because they will not absorb any of the sweat and will only contribute to amplifying the smell

wash your clothes after you have worn them because the sweat will transfer on your clothing and they too will start to smell. Even if you are clean but your clothes aren’t you will have a body odor

if you sweat badly and intensively you many be suffering from a hormonal imbalance so consult with your physician. They will be able to determine the cause of your excessive sweating and prescribe treatment

try to use natural remedies if you are a true and convinced naturalist. There are several natural methods used to eliminate body odor. For example tomato juice is a well known natural remedy for eliminating odor

Stay clean, wash as often as you can, even several times a day, apply a little bit of perfume on your clean skin and you have resolved your odor problem.