Full and plump lips have always been considered to be sensual and attractive. They attract a lot of attention, especially from men and help improve self confidence. Women with thin lips are usually very insecure and a fuller set of lips can boost up their self confidence.

Hollywood celebrities have also gone wild for this full lip trend, resorting to lip plumping treatments in order to make their lips look luscious and sensual. There are several ways to get plumper lips, you can get them by using cosmetic products or by resorting to surgical or non surgical treatments. The non surgical treatments give long lasting effects, while make-up provides only a temporary, short time solution.

To plump up your lips using make-up you need a lip liner and a lip plumping gloss. Use a lip liner in a shade similar yo your lip color to make them look more natural. Contour the right above your lip line, by drawing a smooth uniform line. Blend the lip liner with your lip to get a smooth transition and apply the lip plumping gloss. The effects will be visible but not as the other more invasive procedures. This is a non painful, quick and easy procedure which costs hardly anything.

The non surgical lip plumping procedures offer temporary result and are often done under local anesthetic by a plastic surgeon. There are different substances to choose from depending on your needs and your allergic reactions. You can get collagen or hyaluronic acid injected into your lips. They are both two substances which are naturally found in the human body. You can also choose to transfer fat from other parts of the body into your lips. The fat will be collected from another part of your body and injected into your lips. Since it is your own fat there are no risks of rejections.

As with any procedure there are certain risks involved. Your lips could get a “trout pout” look if too much substance is injected.

The surgical, lip augmentation procedure offers permanent results. They pose however much higher risks than the non surgical procedures this is why they should be discussed with the plastic surgeon. The lips can be enhanced with saline implants, or donated human tissue for a more visible and permanent effect.

It is best to choose carefully and understand that whatever doesn’t come naturally comes with certain risks. Discuss with the certified plastic surgeons about all the available procedures and the risks which they pose, and ask him to recommend one which will suit your needs.