There are endless factors that might ruin our look, one would be definitely a stained and slightly yellowish dentistry. Those who wish to improve their appearance might consider taking a plunge into the multitude of methods and tricks to keep their teeth spotless and their smile simply sparkling. You won’t need any extra tools and products to learn how to get a Hollywood smile. Therefore why not experiment with the lass radical methods and techniques celebs use to preserve the flawless and radiating impression of their smile. In this case all you have to do is upgrade your dental care routine with useful tips offered by professionals and already tested by some of the most prominent socialites from Hollywood and the stage of music.Consider these helpful ideas to keep your smile a statement accessory.


Devote special attention to hygiene and make sure you use the most efficient dental care products and tools. Choose your toothbrush and paste according to the condition of your dentistry.

Additionally make sure you avoid the various tooth-staining foods that can indeed ruin the natural and flawless color of your teeth and more would also contribute to the weakening of the resistance of the enamel.

Brown Lipstick

Makeup can also help you improve the color of your teeth and make them look whiter than ever. Skipping the brownish shades when it comes of both lipsticks and glosses is the first step towards success.

These very tones will have a bad impact on the look of your dentistry making it a bit more yellow than it really is. Bluish and red colors however can do miracles with your smile. Check out how our favorite celebs pull off the red lip color trend for some inspiration.

Fake Tan

It’s not a novelty that stars appeal to fake tan in order to create a sun-kissed skin color. If you’re not a rookie in tanning use it to bring out the whiteness of your teeth. However those who wish to keep their natural skin tone still use some of the best makeup products to make their smile even more flattering for the various events, can appeal to bronzers as the best tricks to create a darker complexion.

Baking Soda

One of the homemade methods to have a Hollywood smile is to use baking soda every once in a while to remove the yellowish stains from your teeth. There’s no need to use it on a daily basis, instead include it in your weekly dental care routine. Pour a tiny amount on your toothbrush and start rubbing your teeth with it in a circular motion. This is indeed the trick to protect the enamel and still get rid of the stains. Rinse it off with tepid water and repeat this ritual each time you feel the need for a deep-cleansing treatment.