PMS or premenstrual syndrome affects a lot of women who still have their period. It usually affect women when the hormone levels in the body go crazy. This happens usually about 2 weeks before a woman gets her period. The hormones, estrogen and progesterone can affect the nervous system making women feel more nervous, irritable and emotional then usual.

Women react differently under the influence of PMS, some women can even get depressed. The PMS symptoms can be: quick weight gain, quick transitions from one state of mind to another, headaches, breakouts, soar and tender breasts. Some women might experience only a few of these symptoms while others may experience a whole bunch.

The best way to deal with the PMS syndrome is to try to understand it. Even though this seems pretty difficult because some reactions may be very confusing it is best to remain calm and relaxed. Try to understand that your PMS will affect the others around you indirectly because of the way you react.

It is best to keep a positive attitude whenever you experience one of the symptoms of PMS. A positive attitude will help you get passed it quicker. It will also prevent you from becoming depressed.

Eat healthy because the food you are eating and the nutrients you are receiving can also amplify your emotions. You need to be healthy so your hormone levels can be well balanced. Avoid eating a lot of unhealthy foods because they will only make you feel worst.

Relax and enjoy yourself to keep you distracted. Relaxation will bring harmony around you and it will help you feel more calm and much happier. Do things that you normally enjoy doing to reduce the levels of irritability.

Vitamins can balance and reduce some of the symptoms of the PMS, so make sure to take supplements if you thing you have a vitamin deficit.

There are certain herbal teas that are known for their aid in PMS. They usually have a calming effect over the body.

Try to cut down on the caffeine and alcohol consumption, because they may actually make your symptoms worst.

Keep in mind that this is a syndrome that will pass so keep a positive attitude to make it easier for you as well as for everyone else around you.