Blushing is considered embarrassing by many people. The solution to this problem is accepting it as a natural reaction. In fact your brain controls this process, those who find other’s opinion too important are more prone to go red any time.

There are several tricks to deal with it or don’t be embarrassed by blushing.

Chill Out! Tension is the main trigger of blushing. It is recommended that in the moment you feel your face is starting to go red, relax your muscles. This way you’ll avoid excessive blushing. It is a matter of self-hypnosis, you can control your brain to a certain limit.

Why not try it this time! You probably won’t make it at first but practice. Look into the mirror try to think about something embarrassing, then gradually relax your muscles.

Another tip would be to suddenly think about something else, diverting your attention to other things.

Alcohol! It might seem funny, that alcoholic beverages can cause excessive blushing – in fact, people tend to be less inhibited when dizzy.

However it was demonstrated that ingredients from beverages can raise your body temperature thus more blushing. So avoid drinking it in large amounts, if it still happens try to wipe your face with a wet cloth. It will cool your face a little.

Announce Blushing!This way blushing will be predictable, you won’t have to be embarrassed by it later. Others won’t have to make funny signs or jokes about your face going red.

Show them that it’s not silly to blush in front of lots of people. In fact scientists proved that soon it will turn into a habit and you’ll be able to control it. Soon the blushing might completely cease.

Breathe! Breathing is a good a relaxation technique. Use some basic exercises to free your body from tension. You can make it when you’re with friends but make it subtly.

Another option would be to go to the toilet and do an express chill out session. Experiment with it until you become a real pro in controlling sudden blushing.

Take notes! Make it a subject of inquiry. Write down the situations and reactions that make you blush. It is very useful to deal with these, if you’ll know exactly what triggers it, you can come up with possible solutions.

You can write down an argument, why did you think your body reacted the way it did. This is extremely beneficial for those who tend to blush frequently.