Taking care of your feet is very important health wise as well as beauty wise. For whatever the reasons may be, some people just don’t pay as much attention to foot care as they should. Feet are very important because not only do they help us walk, they help maintain a polished look.

It is believed by some people that you can tell a lot of a person just by looking at their feet. If they are well taken care of it means that they are people who care for their personal hygiene, people who are consistent in what they do, and if they are not taken care of, it means that it is a person who doesn’t care about personal aspect, a shallow person. Well, maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t, one thing is true for certain, foot care is important.

Cracked heels, calluses or any other foot problems can be prevented by taking good care of our feet. These problems do not pose only an aesthetic concern, they may cause walking discomfort as well.

Certainly nobody wishes to have problems with their feet and want to feel comfortable barefoot as well as on a nice pair of stiletto heels. Not caring for your feet can lead to cracked heels and foot odor, which everyone wants to avoid. Nobody wants to smell stinky feet, this is why you should save a little bit of time to care for your feet.

In order to avoid foot problems you need to:

wash and scrub your feet every day to get rid of dead skin cells which can cause unpleasant food odor. Washing and scrubbing can get rid of bacteria which can lead to the development of fungus. Wash well especially between the toes and dry your feet thoroughly before you get get your shoes on

soak your feet in warm water once a week for about 15 minutes and using a pumice stone rub the skin of your heels to prevent calluses

trim your toe nails regularly to get rid of bacteria that can form under the toe nails

moisturize your feet every day after you wash them to keep them soft

massage your feet once in a while, especially if you have sore feet. Massaging your feet will relax and get rid of the soreness

use foot powder to prevent your feet from sweating

walk barefoot after you’ve been wearing uncomfortable shoes to relax your feet

If you have any problems with your feet like corn and ingrown nails make an appointment to see a chiropodist.