How many times have you felt uncomfortable because you were wondering if your panty line is visible through your clothes. Most underwear can be seen through tight or thin fabric clothes if they are regular underwear. But how to avoid visible panty lines?

The seam of the underwear will be visible through the clothing and you definitely don’t want that. Underwear that is not visible through the clothing looks better and sexier. Nobody wants to look at a woman and see her ‘granny panties’ through her clothes that is for sure.

Here are some tips on how to avoid visible panty lines:– wear underwear that either cover up the buttocks completely or a thong– wear underwear that is flesh colored if your clothes are light colored or a bit transparent– wear underwear that fits you perfectly. If your underwear is too tight they will feel uncomfortable and will leave indentation marks on your buttocks. If they are too loose they will wrinkle under your clothes and show

– there are several brands that sell no panty line underwear so buy those kind of underwear when your out shopping look for underwear without elastic edging that are made of spandex or elastic materials– if you are wearing low rise pants wear low rise underwear as well. Sit down and look if your panties are showing in the back. If they are go for very low rise underwear so your panties won’t show when you sit down

Underwear should be sexy even under the clothes. It’s true that they are not visible but that isn’t important, what is important is that sexy underwear makes you feel much better even if nobody else is seeing it. Confidence and femininity is what makes a woman sexy.