Stains can appear on our teeth due to different factors, these would either be definite or just temporary. Depending on the food we consume the damage can be worse or less dramatic. However if you long for a flawless smile it is worth preventing your teeth from any internal or only external damage. There’s no need to completely eliminate these ingredients from your diet. The point is to reduce the amount of their intake and follow a well-defined dental care routine.

Teeth whiteners are very popular nowadays you can opt for the homemade or the professional ones. However it seems that prevention is the only guarantee that your teeth can preserve their initial pure white tone. Here are the most well-known teeth-staining foods.


It was proved that green and black tea can do miracles with our health. Indeed dental care makes no exception besides their quality to eliminate bacteria and other harmful factors from our cavity, these have some ‘visible’ drawbacks.Those who are great fans of these beverages might not want to give up, and not even reduce their daily tea intake. Though, it’s not necessary to reduce the amount it is worth considering keeping the tea neither too cold or hot.

Since these states can cause great damages to the tooth enamel and consequently influence the color or teeth. Try to keep the temperature of the tea in between this way avoiding the thorough penetration of the stains into the tooth. It is worth follow this principle unless the spots might stay permanently on the teeth.

Soy Sauce

This ingredient is used almost in all cuisines, adding a special taste to our meals. However every good thing comes with a bit of bad, soy sauce makes no exception.

It can stain your teeth by penetrating into the structure of these due to the dark colored pigments. That’s why it is recommended to wash your teeth or only rinse out your mouth with pure water immediately or at most 1 hour after consuming soy sauce.

Tomato Sauce

Italian food fans might shed some tears when they have to choose between their favorite tomato sauce and the pure white teeth.However the situation is not that bad, there’s no need for choosing. You can have a beautiful smile if you pair it consumption with a quick dental care routine.

Due to its acidic quality it can stick to the surface of your teeth and cause definite stains. One of the methods to prevent this disaster is to choose foods that also have ingredients that protect the tooth enamel. Spinach is ones of these natural teeth whiteners.

Red Wine

Beauticians can’t help parroting the endless beauty effect of red wine. Indeed it is a healthy beverage especially consumed in a decent amount. However due to its polyphenol content it can easily stain the teeth.Moreover the alcohol has a harmful effect on the enamel weakening it and increasing its proneness to other damages. This ingredient on the other hand has also its great advantages, red wine efficiently fights against dental diseases that affect the gum.


Besides the toxic phosphoric and citric acid content this beverage can also fade the healthy white tone of the teeth. Its excessive consumption can lead to several dental problems.Cola addicts might not be ready to reduce the daily intake or get rid of this treat, however there are several methods to reduce its deteriorating effect. The best way to do this is to drink it through a straw. This will ameliorate the contact with the enamel, preserving it from further damages.

Learn more about the several teeth whitening methods from a professional. Experiment with the recipes in your own home for perfect white teeth.