Dreaming about beautiful and silky hair? Then introduce your locks to coconut oil and watch them come to life. African women often use coconut oil to moisturize their hair and make it easy to style, since their hair is naturally dry and frizzy.

The uses of coconut oil are both internal (you can add it to your favorite dish and get plenty of healthy fats) and external (for skin and hair). The type of coconut oil to look for? Well, virgin coconut oil is recommended for internal and external use as it has the best concentration of nutrients.

Coconut Oil Hair Benefits

Coconut oil hair benefits arise from its repairing qualities. Coconut oil is great for your hair because it contains vitamin E (essential substance that nourishes skin, hair and nails), capric acid and lauric acid. All these compounds promote protein regrowth in the hair follicles, because they can deeply penetrate each hair and fortify it. This means coconut oil not only moisturizes and protects hair, but also nourishes it and helps it regain its health and strength.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Because coconut oil is packed with healing nutrients, you can use it to treat hair that is severely damaged due to bleaching and dyeing. Coconut oil is also a great remedy for dull hair that has lost its shine, so don’t hesitate to use a coconut oil mask once in a while even if your locks appear to maintain their healthy appearance.

How to Apply Coconut Oil on Hair

When it comes to the application process of coconut oil on hair you can replace a few drops of your usual conditioner with a few drops of coconut oil, because it keeps your strands shiny and strong. If your hairs are thin and split, use coconut oil and a regenerative hair mask that rebuilds proteins and make you hair look healthy again.

If you need to heal itchy scalp and remove dandruff, coconut oil might be a solution as coconut oil hair is known for its anti-fungal properties that can sooth and treat itchiness on both the scalp and the body. Plus, with a coconut oil hair treatment, dandruff recurrence becomes history.

Coconut Oil Hair Use

Use coconut oil three times a week to massage your scalp and cover your hair strands from roots to ends for a double dandruff-moisturizing treatment. Leave the coconut oil on for about 1-2 hours, then wash your hair like usual.

Coconut oil also leaves a wonderful sweet perfume on your locks, very persistent, this being another reason many use this natural remedy for hair care.

Before you purchase coconut oil for hair use, make sure the label says it’s 100% virgin coconut oil with at least 40% lauric acid content and that it’s deposited in a glass jar.

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