We all love the honey – maybe even chocolatey, if we’re lucky enough – hue our skin gets after a repeated sun exposure, be it at the beach or by the pool. The only problem is that this gorgeous shade tends to fade away pretty fast, leaving us unconsoled.

But rest assured: if you love your summer tan, you should know that there are several tricks you may put into practice to make tan last longer!

Learn how to prolong a tan after holiday and how to look gorgeous all summer long!

How to Prolong a Suntan: Exfoliate Your Skin

Before leaving on your summer holiday, it is very important to pamper yourself with a nice, good body scrub. This way you will ensure that your skin cells will be all “fresh”, at the beginning of their life cycle, and that your suntan will last longer.

Also, keep in mind that, once you get the suntan you dreamed of, exfoliating products are forbidden! Avoid using them for as long as you can so that you make tan last longer.

Body Lotion To Prolong Tan

How to Get Your Tan to Last Longer: Use Body Lotions

Another secret of a gorgeous suntan that lasts longer is hydration. Of course, you need to drink as much water as you can in order to keep your body hydrated from the inside… but it’s also very important to hydrate your tanned skin to prolong its life.

Use body lotions and moisturizers to avoid flaky skin for as long as humanly possible. Baby oil and olive oil are also great products for keeping your skin moisturized and hence prolonging your suntan.

Make Tan Last Longer: Avoid Exaggerated Sun Exposure

Exaggerated sun exposure is bad for your health overall, but you should also know that, once you get sun burns, rashes and other types of sun overexposure problems, your beautiful suntan will fade all the quicker, as they cause your skin to peel.

Take your time: the more your stay in the sun – using high SPF products -, the longer your suntan will last. Just avoid the “problem hours”, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Hampton Sun Aftersun MoisturizerSisley Paris Aftersun Tan Extender

How to Prolong a Tan after Holiday: Use Special Products

Did you know that there are certain products designed to make tan last longer? More often than not, these kind of products contain a low amount of fake tan which helps you prolong the life of your natural suntan. You may go for products like Hampton Sun Aftersun Moisturizer, Ahava Aftersun Rehydrating Balm For Body & Face, Sisley Paris Aftersun Tan Extender and Lancaster Tan Maximiser.

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