Sweating a lot, especially in your palms, can be caused by many factors. Whether or not you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis, the disorder characterized by excessive sweating, you can fight sweaty hands in a number of ways, without drastic treatment options.

Find out how to prevent sweaty hands and you’ll quickly get over the discomfort caused by damp palms and all the trouble it can cause, from awkward social situations, to simply leaving your sweat all over your favorite things on a daily basis.

Diet Tips to Prevent Sweaty Hands

The first step you should take in order to prevent sweaty hands is to control your intake of foods that enable excessive sweating. Temperature is important, so the first step you can take is to stop eating and drinking hot foods and beverages.

Spicy foods can quickly cause you to sweat, a lot, so keep them off your place. Any dish that’s spicy and includes condiments like jalapeno and black pepper should be eaten in moderation, because they will cause you to sweat more than usual.

Iodine can also cause excessive sweating all over your body, so you should be careful of foods that contain lots of it. From onions, broccoli and asparagus, to turkey, beef and potatoes, make sure you don’t eat lots of iodine-rich foods when you’re not in the mood for excessive sweating.

Other triggers for sweaty palms include sugar and caffeine, so everything from sodas to black tea can cause more sweating than you’re comfortable with. Energy drinks, especially those with taurine, can also cause you to get jittery, which has a bad effect on your sweat glands.

Skin Care Tips to Prevent Sweaty Hands

You can easily make a few simple adjustment to your skin care routine that help a lot when it comes to damp palms. First of all, make sure your moisturizer doesn’t include petroleum jelly or natural oils like coconut oil. These may offer the right moisturizing effect for your skin, but then can extend the time it takes sweat to dry off.

You can also use a strong antiperspirant for your hands, one that contains aluminum zirconium, or the stronger aluminum chloride hexahydrate, usually available only by prescription if you’ve been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis. Another good tip on how to prevent sweaty hands is to rub a bit of cornstarch or talcum powder between your palms for a few seconds before washing them with a mild soap.

Natural remedies for sweaty hands include soaking them in cold tea for 15 minutes twice a day. Sage tea is a great option and if your sweat problem doesn’t get under control as much as you’d like, you can extend the soaks to 30 minutes. You can also soak your hands in a baking powder solution for 10 minutes. The alkaline effect of baking powder will help reduce the moist feeling in your hands.

Other treatment options include sage supplements, along with zinc supplements. This mineral can help with excessive sweating and even body odours. Witch hazel lotions can also help contain excessive sweating and keep your hands dry throughout the day.

Extra Tips to Prevent Sweaty Hands

Sometimes, part of the solution is as easy as making sure you’re not overheating your hands without even realizing it. Keep your hands out of gloves and be prepared to give up heavy jewelry, since rings can also overheat your hands causing excessive sweating.

There’s a strong correlation between overall weight and sweat, so if you’re out of shape a bit more exercise could help relieve your sweat problem.

No matter how tired of sweaty hands you are, you should never try to keep your water intake low just because you sweat a lot. It won’t impact how much you sweat, but you can get dehydrated a lot faster.

Drastic Solutions to Prevent Sweaty Hands

If nothing works in controlling perspiration on your hands and palms, you can try two types of treatments that guarantee reduced perspiration.

Iontophoresis consists of a low electrical current that travels in water when you soak your feet. If you’ve been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, you can also purchase a home kit for the treatment. Another treatment option for reducing sweaty hands is botox injections, but both are temporary solutions.

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