With the wrong shoes or socks, you can get blisters even by walking. More common for people who hike or run, foot blisters can get painful and interrupt your active lifestyle. Find out how to prevent blisters on feet or on any other areas.

Developed through friction on the skin, blisters form when the top layer of the skin separates and the empty space is filled by fluid. What starts out as a red and warm area on the skin can quickly turn into a blister, even after the friction or chafing has stopped.

Blister Prevention Tips

Preventing blisters on your hands isn’t hard, simply keep them lubricated to avoid the harmful friction. Things get a bit more tricky for your feet. The best way to prevent blisters is to simply make sure you’re wearing shoes that fit you well, especially in the case of running shoes.

Wearing your new shoes for a few hours indoors can also help you identify any areas that might be prone to extra friction, helping you prevent blisters.

Blister Prevention Tips

Socks can also play a very important part in blister prevention. Cotton is the worst choice, since it both absorbs moisture and has fibers which rub against your skin harder.

Moisture-wicking socks, made from synthetic material can reduce the friction that causes blisters, and double layer socks can have a similar effect.

When you’re already experiencing discomfort and know that a blister is probably coming, cover the area with a moleskin bandage that will keep it protected even if you end up developing it, and it’s much more effective than a regular band-aid, which comes off easily and may end up causing even more friction.

Blister Prevention Products

Preventing blisters is relatively easy, since you have plenty of products to choose from. One of the best well rated products is BlisterShield, produced by 2Toms, a silicone powder which you can apply inside your socks before putting them on.

Other blister prevention products include lubricants like SportSlick, Gold Bond Friction Defense and BodyGlide, all designed specifically to prevent blisters on feet.

The easiest way to avoid friction is using vaseline. The petroleum jelly helps prevent blisters and doesn’t feel particularly weird once you put your socks on.

Whichever method you choose to prevent blisters, remember that draining the fluid in a blister should be done with a sterile needle at the edge of the bubble.

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