Of course, working out raises your self esteem and makes you more confident. However, it also implies a lot of effort, therefore, sweat and redness. You should know that you can still look good after workout.

Beauty Tips Post Workout

The first thing you should do is to clean the sweat from your face. We recommend using a moistened towelette. This way, you will avoid creating unnecessary breakouts. Also, you should avoid using body wash in the gym shower for cleansing your face because it can irritate the skin and provoke redness.

Then it comes the shower. During a regular workout, there are certain body parts that sweat more than others. We would recommend focusing on those parts while you are in the shower and wash them gently with the type of shower gel specially designed for your type of skin. Avoid spending too much time under water because you might end up drying your skin.

Post Workout Beauty Tip

When it comes to post workout hair, we suggest spritzing some hair refresher before shower, because sometimes you don’t have the necessary time to go through the whole haircare routine. You should go for a refreshing tonic that has peppermint or tea tree ingredients which are astringent. Then, go to the shower and start washing your hair. The shower’s heat and moisture will help the tonic penetrate smoothly into your scalp and locks, thus cleansing your hair thoroughly.

After you’ve finished with the shower and you’re all dressed up, you should try to revive your hair because the moisture in the shower made it damp. We suggest blow drying your hair. This way, it will smell not only great, but you will also make disappear sweat traces.

Furthermore, here comes the makeup part. Remember that you don’t have time for the whole makeup routine at the gym, so you should keep it minimal. You should define your brows, add some eye shadow in neutral shades, apply one coat of mascara, define your cheeks with a little blush and finish the look with a touch of lipstick in a natural tone.

After Workout

Finally, we recommend applying a gel varnish. It will make your nails look good and taken care of, whether you’re lifting weights or swim some pool laps. Plus, this gel treatment will leave your fingers immaculate and will prevent your nails from chipping.

This way, you will hydrate and pamper yourself from head to toe and look amazing and prepared for a possible date after your workout session.

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