It was demonstrated that getting rid of cellulite is a way more complicated issue than a simple weight loss project. Indeed since the toxins are stuck under the surface of the skin it would be more difficult to eliminate them if not applying some drastic methods.

There are several cellulite diets, workout plans and cosmetics that guarantee you success. However it seems that the majority of those who struggle with this problem would rather contact a professional for an exhausting massage session.

More and more people seem to spend time and money on these rituals however with a little help everyone could use it right at home without visiting a beauty salon. In order to increase the chance to strip off this burden read through these homemade cellulite massage tips.

Massaging is an ancient method to get rid of cellulite. Besides melting the fat as an exhausting workout, it will also increase the blood circulation in the body. By the constant pressure on the affected area, you’ll be able to boost the spreading of the oxygen in all body parts including the skin.

It is wise to have a well-defined plan, you can include the cellulite massage into your daily schedule, devote only 5 minutes for this quick ritual. However if you’re too busy make it at least twice per week in order to enjoy visible results.

First of all make sure your skin is properly hydrated before you start the massage session. It is vital to use essential oils or some kind of nourishing lotion in order to eases the process.

If the area is too dry it might be extremely difficult to use either your fingers or other tools as roller. Use peppermint, ginger or lavender oils, since these are the best anti-cellulite essential oils on the market.

Experiment with their effect then apply them regularly on the skin to maximize the ideal blood flow. Moreover some of these will also enhance the rising of body temperature which is a helpful factor when eliminating toxins and getting rid of the extra pounds.

One of the golden rules of anti-cellulite massaging is to use your forefingers and thumbs first. This is the perfect method to prepare the affected area for more complicated techniques. Then, massaging has two basic phases stroking and smoothing. These are smashing tricks to get rid of the harmful liquids and agents from our organism

Start with stroking, use only your fingers to do it, and especially concentrate on the tips. Massage the skin applying this method make it slower and gentler for a comfortable feeling, it should not hurt contrary to the misconceptions. Then comes the smoothing phase, in this case use your palms instead of fingers. It’s a rule that this process should be always preceded by stroking.

Now, do the smoothing a bit harder, penetrate into the depths of the skin levels from the surface. Feel the little toxin bags under the skin and try to massage them with pressure. There’s no need to grasp the skin only smooth the surface, however make it more efficient with repeating it several times.

Alternate these two methods during the massaging session. Don’t forget to enhance the efficiency of this ritual with a healthy meal plan. Include vegetables and fruits into your daily diet and also pay extra-care for water intake. Remember water and nutritive liquids are the cheapest and most natural methods to get rid of cellulite.