Hip piercings are getting more and more popular. They are very modern piercings, recently these become very popular. This type of piercing is a surface piercing placed in the pelvic area near the hip bone. Usually people like to get matching hip piercings on both sides, just because it looks better and more symmetric. Hip piercings are usually performed using a newer procedure called ‘punch and taper’ or ‘trans dermal implants’ using a surface piercing.

This method reduces the trauma on the skin at the entry and exit way of the pierced area therefore leading to faster healing time and a smaller chance of piercing rejection.

The entry and exit area of the piercing is done with a dermal punch which is a cylindrical blade that removes tissue. The whole procedure takes a few minutes from when the entry way is performed until the jewelery is placed in. Like any other piercing there are certain risks of infection involved this is why proper care is needed.

When you decide to get a hip piercing make sure that is is performed by an experienced piercing artist. Do not perform this procedure at home because you might risk hurting yourself, scarring and infection.

Make sure your piercing is made of titanium or surgical steel just because they are considered to be the best.

Hip piercings look good and can be worn by both men and women. This is a very modern piercing so more and more people seem to get them, so if you are a body piercing lover this is a new piercing you can consider getting done.


Make sure the piercing artist explains everything about the procedure and risks involved. Make sure that all the utensils he/she is using are sterile and ask for after care instructions for the piercing is performed.

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