Beauty salons are usually associated with an array of pleasant feelings such as relaxation, self indulgence or pampering. Although we might be somewhat aware that there are certain potential dangers associated with beauty salons, we often forget to look out for the potential signs that might signal trouble.

Infections, irritations are among the most common problems that can occur if we let our guard down too much. Take a look at a few common problems that might occur and learn a few tips to protect yourself. Nail salons are often on the spotlight when it comes to potential problems. Dirty tools, tubs or reusing disposable items are some of the most common red flags you might want to look out for whenever getting a manicure or a pedicure. Looking for a salon that uses UV sterilizers is a wise strategy as these devices can kill bacteria in just one minute.

If the salon uses autoclaving or chemical sterilizers, the tools should be sterilized for 10 minutes. Because certain instruments cannot be sterilized after each use, they should be thrown away. Bringing your own nail buffer and emery board can also help minimize the risks of infections.

Asking the technicians about these techniques is recommended. Also, because pedicure tubs may be rinsed and not washed every time, infections might occur. A tub liner can be a great low cost preventative tool that might save you a lot of trouble. In addition, asking the nail technician to wash his/her hands before getting to work and avoiding razors are also smart choices you should take into account.

Hair salons can also cause their fair share of problems, even though they might appear safer than other types of salons. Again, proper sterilization is a concern. Another potential problem might be harsh chemicals that can cause irritations. Fortunately, this problem can be easily avoided if you ask the hairdresser to test any chemicals on a less visible spot the day before to be able to see if any allergic reactions occur. Combs are another tool that might seem harmless, yet they might pose various problems if not cleaned properly. Bringing your own brushes can eliminate the risk.

Another procedure that can pose serious concerns is waxing as a hair removal method, especially when it involves private areas. Perhaps the most important aspect that you should pay attention to is whether the waxist changes the stick every time. Bacterias transferred to the stick might contaminate the entire wax and the risk of infection can increase significantly as a result, so make sure not to neglect this issue.

Beds should also be covered with disposable paper towels for safety. Ideally, the technician should be wearing gloves during the procedure to minimize risks. Those who are currently getting an anti wrinkle or an acne treatment with retinol might want to think twice before getting waxed as these treatments make the skin more sensitive. Waxing might gently pull a skin layer off, so the risk of infection can go up tremendously. The aftercare ritual can be just as important when it comes to preventing problems. Avoiding high temperatures and fragrances for at least a day after waxing can ward off several potential issues.

Hidden Beauty Salon Dangers

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