Are you tired of applying tons of eye makeup to have starry eyes? Then why not experiment with some natural remedies that banish the puffy eye look and which add a fabulous sparkle to your look? The natural ingredients in these treatments will offer you more benefits than the slightly artificial look a glam makeup would create.

'The eyes are windows to our souls' and especially to our body. Indeed, this sensitive spot can reveal both different deficiencies as well as illnesses our body might suffer from. However, in order to not only fake but also have the natural sparkle in our eyes it is enough to experiment with ancient tricks that our grandmothers might have applied to charm grandpa. Often the little bags under the eyes might give the impression of a tired and worn-out look.

As one of the most prominent parts on our face, the eyes should be carefully taken care of in order to look flawless. Chemical-based cosmetics can often harm the skin around this area and also our sight, instead there are organic options that can jazz up our look in a few minutes. The following tricks will help us in getting sparkling eyes naturally.

Healthy Diet

Start by adopting a healthy diet or a nutrient-rich meal plan that is rich in minerals and vitamins that both do miracles with the skin as well as the sight. That amazing sparkle in the eyes can be best achieved by consuming ingredients that have a high content of vitamin A and C.

These are the two basic nutrients that should be embedded in our daily meals. It's not a novelty that carrots are the most well-known vegetables that are recommended to have healthy and glittering eyes.

Rose Water

Another ritual would be to soak a cotton ball in Rose water. Let it in the lotion for a few minutes. Then as you pull it out of the water, don't squeeze the excessive liquid instead add 2-3 drops of Castor oil to it.

Then eliminate the unnecessary water and place the slightly damp pads on the closed eyes. Leave it on for at least 15-20 minutes.

This is a ritual done not only to get rid of the puffy eyes but also to refresh the skin in this area. Repeat it several times for a sparkling look.

Hands Trick

Shiny eyes can be also created without the use of different treatments but also simply by using our hands. A time-tested trick is to rub the palms together until you'll feel the warmth. Then close your eyes and put your hands on them.

Make sure you don't push it too hard, just keep it there gently. Stay in this position for 4-5 minutes then take them off. It not only improves your sight but will also make your eyes glitter as the stars.

Cold Tea

Cold tea also offers a remedy to relax and at the same time refresh your sight. Soak a cotton pad or ball into a natural preferably chamomile or peppermint tea and place it to your eyes. Leave it on for 5-6 minutes then let your eyes enjoy the sparkling results. If you expose your eyes to great pressure on a daily basis, make sure you include this ritual in your daily or weekly beauty care schedule.

Apple Juice

Apple juice is another efficient remedy for tired eyes. Dip a pad into the liquid and leave it there for 2-3 minutes. Then wipe the eyes with it several times and then leave on the juice for 2-3 minutes. The apple due to its high vitamin content will furnish your eyes with the necessary nutrients to shine and will also minimize the chance for the early formation of crow's feet.