Every woman and every man wants to have soft, luscious lips, lips which tempt to be kissed. How many times haven’t you observed a persons lips if they were full and soft, and you wanted to kiss them? I guess it happened to most of us at some point in life. Lips have attached a certain sensuality and sexuality to them. They don’t seem very important at first but once you give it a thought, you might realize they actually pose a lot of importance. They are visible because they help us speak, they help make kissing so enjoyable and they help soften our facial features.

When you think gorgeous, luscious lips what comes to your mind? Well probably Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansen, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendez, Megan Fox, the Hollywood’s sexiest actresses. Who wouldn’t wish to have such luscious and sensual lips as they do.

megan fox kissable lips gorgeous lips

Nobody likes to have chapped, flaky lips because they are unaesthetic and uncomfortable as well. They lack sensuality and make kissing uncomfortable and unpleasant. Here are some tips to help you obtain beautiful, sensual lips that everyone will want to kiss:

exfoliate your lips every time you feel like they are becoming dry. Use a little bit of honey mixed with sugar granules to gently rub your lips. This will help the dead skin cells come off your lips. They will fell softer and smoother to the touch

protect your lips when exposing yourself to the sun, wind and cold temperatures. These climate factors can have a damaging effect over your lips so protect them with chap stick

moisturize your lips with lip balm or other lip moisturizing products of your favorite cosmetic brand

use a contouring lip pencil to define the shape of your lips. You can even make your lips fuller by contouring exactly above your lip line to make your lips appear bigger. You can use a lip plumping lip gloss, because they contain ingredients which help make the lips appear fuller and plumper

drink plenty of water to maintain your lips hydrated

do not bite your lips because you might damage them

Take good care of your lips and you will look great, your lips will look luscious, sensual and ready to be kissed.