Tortured by new shoes, toes squashed in boots or neglected soles – your feet went out on strike and yearn for attention!

Dehydrated and the rough soles caused by bare-feet long walks on the sandy beach are still visible and those blemished zones where the sandals had pinched you – doesn’t look very sexy, right? Each day, even 15 minutes of attention can be a savior for your feet’s look. And at least once a week book a spa pedi – so relaxing and your soles will look divine.

Daytime Care

In the morning, apply a foot cream or foot spray with refreshing effects; in the evening, use soothing or calming creams and sprays.


How to Care for Feet in the Winter

You need peeling for your soles at least once a week and also for the rest of your feet. After only 5 minutes of massaging with an exfoliating cream, your skin is returning to it’ s natural smoothness.

MiniSPA at Home

Just as you offer your complexion cosmetic treatments of the best quality, your feet need the same spoiling.

Dissolve bath frizzies or bath salts in your bathtub. It has a smoothing, calming and deodorizing effect.


It’s hard to maintain your nails long during the winter. Your toes will hurt and the nails can ingrow. It’s a requirement to shorten them. The specialists recommend filing them. But if your nails are thicker, use the nail scissors or clipper.

Foot Care for Winter

Nighttime Care

You want to fall asleep quick, forgetting all about daily stress? You want your feet to feel relaxed and rested? Try to massage them before going to sleep, using massaging butter or oil. If you don’t have such thing, it’s ok using a greasy cream or a super-nourishing gel.


Your heels and the zone above are the driest parts of the skin. A special moisturizing cream, applied each evening after shower will help and prevent skin scaling or cracked heels.

Must do

In winter, even well-kept soles need getting thickened skin removed. If the peeling creams or exfoliators doesn’t really work, foot files are the ideal solution.

Super Tips

1. If you feel your feet heavy and tired after a day in the office use a refreshing, blood circulation improving gel.2. A pretty nail polish will last longer on a buffered nail. Buy a nail file with special surfaces for smoothing. The nail polish will last longer, will be smoother and shinier.3. Use glass balls or pebbles in the bath/shower. Rub your feet on and between them, as long as you stay in the water.4. Rough heels with cracked parts, may be the result of wearing synthetic fibre stockings, or vitamin A and B deficiency. If the problem persists, you should visit a dermatologist!5. Your nails have stains after using dark nail polish? Use an anti yellowing top coat before applying nail polish.