The cold season wind can harm especially those with dry flaky skin on their face and body so you should pay extra attention to your skin care regimen during  this time of the year if you wish to maintain your skin looking great. But what are the main characteristics of this skin type?

The dry flaky skin is the result of an inadequate amount of oil produced by our skin that is essential in our skin’s hydration. Because the quantity of oil that is produced is lower than normal, our skin can become red and itchy and, sometimes, it may bruise.

Of course, we don’t want that to happen, so we have come up with some useful tips in order to fix flaky skin on face.

Tips for Dry Flaky Skin on Face

Dry Flaky Skin

Firstly, you should wash your face daily. This way, you will clean all the impurities that you accumulate throughout the day and leave the pores open. Our suggestion is to use warm water and not hot water because the latter may destroy the natural oil barrier which you need it in order to trap moisture and keep your skin smooth.

Moreover, here is another recommendation: try and use mineral water instead of tap water because the mineral deposits in the latter can make your skin become dryer. You can find mineral water at every grocery store and you should always have your own supply at home.

Also, you should not use normal soap, but instead a soapless cleanser that is especially made for dry skin users. When cleansing your face, try not to use anything that might irritate your red flaky skin. You can use your fingers and just rub the cleanser onto your skin with a gentle circular motion. Plus, instead of wiping your face with a towel, just pat your skin dry. This way, your skin will be left a little damp.

Dry Skin Care

Once you’ve washed your face, just apply a moisturizer that is especially designed for dry skin. It has to be applied directly on damp skin (face and neck) using circular motions. Please remember that your skin has to be moisturized not only during daytime, so it would be better for you to repeat the same steps before going to bed.You might also be interested in: Best Face Moisturizer for Dry Skin and Other Remedies for Dry Skin on Face

It is also recommended to use special facial masks designed for your skin type, once a week. This way, you will remove the dry dead skin cells accumulated during this period and your complexion will be softer and smoother.

Dry Flaky Skin Remedies for Your Body

In the end, you should not neglect your body, because it is as important as your face. When taking a shower, try to use warm water instead of hot. You can also use a salt or sugar scrub in order to exfoliate your entire body and get rid off the dead cells.

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