Popular wisdom can hit and miss, but some crazy beauty secrets have proven their worth again and again. Try a few crazy beauty tips that may be helpful in a wide variety of situations.

Don’t despair when you run out of cosmetics at the worst time, learn more about crazy beauty rituals, tips and tricks that can help you out fast.

Crazy Beauty Treatments

Get a Pepto Bismol facial to improve dull skin fast. Bismuth subsalicylate, one of its active ingredients, can help improve the look of your skin and even fight acne when applied for a few consecutive days.

If you want gorgeous eyelashes, go for one of the crazy beauty rituals and coat them in Flax Seed Oil. Use it every night before bed for fuller, better looking eyelashes.

Baking Soda And Lemon

Brighten your skin with one of the best crazy beauty secrets. Mix apple cider vinegar and water in a cup (half/half) and apply it on your face for a balanced pH level and radiant glow.

Self tanning can get streaky, but a little baking soda on your loofah can help you get an even tone. Include your pantry in the list of places to go for crazy beauty secrets and you’ll look better.

Crazy Make-Up Tips

When you’re out of concealer and don’t know how to get rid of redness on your skin, try Visine. Applied on a cotton swab and held against your skin, these eye drops can help reduce inflammation fast.

Perhaps the most outlandish of the crazy make up tips, using the soot from a match for a smudgy smokey eye really works. Light the match, extinguish the flame and let it cool. Smudge the soot and you’re set.

When you’re dealing with a crumbly eyeliner, use one of the crazy makeup secrets and let it cool down in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. The result: a firm tip and a smooth application.

Crazy Hair Tip

Crazy Hair Tips

Fighting frizz isn’t easy, especially when you want to keep the volume of your hair. Use a dryer sheet and you’ll fix all flyaways instantly. Even though it’s one of the best crazy beauty secrets, it doesn’t last long, so you might need to use a fresh one every hour in bad weather.

Lemon juice can help give you subtle highlights in as little as a few minutes while drying in the sun. Use a brush to distribute it equally in your hair and let it dry under UV rays.

Get back the healthy shine of your tresses with one of the oldest crazy beauty treatments. Boil a cup of beer and mix it with your shampoo for instant nourishing and volumizing effects.

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