Chapped lips are often caused by the wind as well as a careless skin care routine. Those who wish to save their complexion from this unfortunate condition will have to embed a few extra rituals into their beauty schedule. Another reason for dry lips is undoubtedly dehydration. People who deprive their organism from healthy liquids will have to face similar problems. The cracked lips home remedies below are here to furnish you with a few useful treatments that arm up your lips with the necessary vitamins to be able to resist the impact of the weather.

Read through these beauty solutions and stick to the ones that suit your daily skin care routine and pocket. Indeed it is a fact that natural remedies are less expensive and basic ingredients can be found in almost every household.


Pamper your lips with a soothing and nutritive beauty treatment. Use honey to make sure your skin gets the basic vitamins to fight against various skin enemies. Apply a few drops of honey on your lips and leave the treatment on until it dries. There’s no need to rinse the honey off, let your lips gradually absorb it.

Coconut Oil

The use of natural ingredients in your beauty routine will rule out the chance for allergic reactions. Heal your dry lips with this delicious and super-smooth lotion. Pour a few drops on your lips more times a day. This facial will keep your lips hydrated and uber-soft. Make sure you embed this ritual into your daily skin care routine.

Cucumber Juice

We’re sure you’re aware of the miraculous effect of cucumbers on our organism and complexion. This time extract the juice of a medium sized cucumber and massage a few drops into your skin. Dry lips will absorb the natural lotion immediately. Let your lips get the best of this green beauty source. Use this treatment more times per week to notice the beneficial results right after the first session.

Olive Oil and Sugar

Take full advantage of the magical effect of this intoxicatingly soothing cracked lips remedy. Mix a tsp of olive oil with a little sugar to have the desired texture. Rub the treatment into your lips and leave it on for 15 minutes. Afterwards rinse it off with tepid water. Besides the soft texture you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the natural glossy effect of your lips.

Cocoa Butter

Keep your lips super-healthy with this magical beauty ingredient. Apply it on your lips and leave it on for at least 5-10 minutes. This is the necessary time for the lips to absorb the natural oils. The Cocoa butter will moisturize the lips restoring their spotless condition. Experiment with this healthy remedy for a whole week to see its positive and surprising results.