Celebsville has all kinds of tricks on how to keep a praise-worthy silhouette in top shape. Cellulite is undoubtedly one of the most malicious enemies of our beauty icons. Some of them might ask for professional and surgical help, others rely on the power of various nutritive and workout trends.

Those who wish to follow their footsteps can take a closer peek at the following celebrity no surgery cellulite remedies. These fabulous tricks will offer a protective shield against the appearance of bumps, resembling cottage cheese, from the deep layers of the skin. Boost your metabolism and make sure you adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to have a worth-admiring figure that inspires millions. Read through the brief selection of celebrity advice on how to combat this skin condition with ease.

Cameron Diaz

The beloved comedy actress is a real sports junkie. Her spotless silhouette is ensured by the multitude of exercising she does on a daily basis. In fact, her philosophy is to burn the calories she consumes with various workout programs. Surfing is her secret to tone her muscles. Cameron does no less than 4-5 hours surfing per day. Additionally, she matches her workout routine with a healthy diet. Green leaves are her top options to provide her organism with the necessary vitamins.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has a silhouette worthy of admiration. Those who are eager to find out her secret will be surprised that she doesn’t spend her time at the gym, instead she uses a Nintendo Wii Fit to keep her figure in top shape. Boxing, tennis along with Yoga are some of the options she can choose from. Jessica’s exercise routine keeps her metabolism on top speed which can help her fight cellulite. Those who wish to adopt the same exercise plan will have the chance to spare the body from this unaesthetic skin condition.

Eva Longoria

The Desperate Housewives star has to keep a special eye on her silhouette. Eva Longoria swears by the fabulous effect of squats, that help her tone her muscles and earn the award for the hottest body in Hollywood. Besides her exercise routine, the successful actress devotes special attention also to her diet.

Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine are her favorite. Chili and spicy meals secure the best functioning of her metabolism. In order to have the same success with your cellulite-free skin condition, make sure you adopt a few of her life-saving diet or exercise tricks.

Halle Berry

Our beloved Catwoman has an A-list and super-attractive figure. Suffering from diabetes forced her to adopt a healthy diet rich in fruits and whole grains. Furthermore, Halle is an ardent practitioner of Yoga. The hot actress includes this workout into her daily schedule and more, she also has time for Harley Pasternak’s FFF (Five Factor Fitness). These are some of her secrets to keep cellulite at a moderate distance. You can also opt for her exercise plan to keep your muscles toned and your metabolism in top shape.


The Queen of Pop has a fall for various exercise plans and all these years she managed to keep her silhouette simply flawless. In terms of nutrition, Madonna is a promoter of the Macrobiotic diet which includes cereals, soy, vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables. The music diva is also eager to popularize the extremely healthy effect of Yoga. She managed to include this exercise into her busy schedule. Moreover, she also revealed her top secret tip to burn calories. Madonna actually goes jogging in the morning with an empty stomach. This apparently helps her get rid of cellulite.