Indeed, dental braces are often regarded a must to shape your teeth, however there’s no need to panic. These appliances can be turned into stylish accessories on the spot. More and more people seem to find refuge in wearing these tools as the perfect means to have a breath-taking smile. It is funny to hear that in the past there was a brace rush in different countries as Thailand. Teens started to sport these to flash their fashion-forwardness.

Whether you have or you want to wear them, the point is to come to terms with your look and be inspired by the following celebrities who also opted for orthodontist as this instrument is also called, to have that charming look that got them to the top of the A-list.

Gwen Stefani sure wore that old-school prototype of dental braces. However, she managed to blend this accessory into her personal, and then-wild style. Apparently she felt the pride owner of the metallic braces sported all throughout her public appearances and concerts.

Gwen Stefani Braces Gwen Stefani

Indeed the No Doubt era back then in 2000 induced her to quick and radical makeovers, from hair color to outfits. Braces however seemed to look just as stylish as her new do did.

Tom Cruise Braces Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was also engaged into an orthodontic treatment. As a huge source of inspiration his new look convinced millions that wearing braces is not un-cool, rather stylish and helpful. The actor could go on with shooting his movies while wearing these braces, due to their ceramic texture. Look at the results, isn’t that charming!

Estelle Braces Estelle

Estelle The baroness of R’n’B in the UK also enriches the list of celebrity braces. She repeatedly admitted that she always longed for braces to improve her dental structure. Moreover, she admitted that it wasn’t recommended by the record company, it was her own dream came true after all. Besides being a style chameleon she also joins the party of brace-fans.

Alyssa Milano Braces Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano back in 2005 also amazed the fans with sporting stylish braces. She didn’t make any public speech about her brand new accessory, she only managed to wear it with decency and learn how to complement her look with it.

Other celebrities who wore braces are Kelly Clarkson, Cameron Diaz, Dakota Fanning and recently Lourdes Leon (Madonna’s daughter).