Dark circles are darker colored skin found under the eyes which give the appearance of exhaustion. These dark under eye circles can be slightly or severely seen depending on each person.There are many things which can cause dark circles to appear under the eyes like:

Sun Tanning

Sun exposure causes our skin to tan and darken. The skin tans differently, and the area under the eyes, since it is sensitive and very thin can tan quicker than the rest of the facial skin. The difference between the two skin tones might look like dark circles and give the appearance of a tired and exhausted person.


Dark under eye circles can also be caused by heredity. They can be inherited from a close member of the family which had a similar problem. The dark circles appear due to the blood vessels which perambulate our body. Due to the fact that the skin under the eyes is the thinnest skin on our body, the blood vessels which are close to the surface of the skin show, making the skin look darker. It is most common in people with a more transparent looking skin.


Lack or bad sleep

If your body is tired it will show you, and it shows you by causing the blood vessels which are located under the eyes to be more noticeable. The more tired you are the more visible and darker these circles will become. The more paler your complexion the more visible the dark circles will be. You will look like you are having “raccoon eyes”.

Anemia and medical conditions

An unhealthy eating program and blood circulation problems can also help dark under eye circles to develop. Bad blood circulation and lack of nutrients in the body will cause your skin to become more pale. If the skin becomes more pale the blood vessels under the eyes will show more.

There are a lot of treatments available for treating dark circles under the eyes, from cosmetic products to homemade products. You can choose from a variety of brands which develop products for treating dark circles. These products bleach the dark circles around the eyes causing the dark skin to become lighter.

Another way you can reduce dark circles is by using natural products such as cucumber. Cucumber is known for it’s healthy benefits and has been widely used in the cosmetic industry. A slice of cucumber applied on the eyelids might help you reduce the fluid retention under the eyes thus reducing the dark coloration.

A good night of sleep can help your body get back and regain all the energy it needs to function properly. Make sure you get your hours of sleep and your dark circles will gradually fade.