Help your skin heal faster and look better with one of the best kept and completely natural skin care secrets. Learn more about the excellent benefits of castor oil for skin care.

What is Castor Oil

Extracted from castor beans (Ricinus communis), castor oil is made of 90% fatty acid chains which have many special properties that make it ideal for skin care. Castor oil has a very thick consistency, which helps it lock in moisture efficiently, but it also has a low molecular weight, which allows it to penetrate skin and hair on a deeper level.

Used in many natural lip balms, castor oil can hydrate the skin deeply, leaving it healthy and shiny, but it has many other great properties.

Castor Oil Skin Care

Castor Oil for Skin Care

Ideal for dry skin and calluses, castor oil can be applied directly on your skin for its powerful moisturizing effects. Use it as you would any other moisturizer, on slightly damp skin. It’s also renowned as a great treatment against wrinkles and dark under-eye circles.

You can also use castor oil on any skin irritations and even minor cuts for faster healing and less scarring. Its antimicrobial properties also make it effective in the treatment of fungal skin infections.

Castor oil skin care is a natural way to keep your skin looking healthy and deeply nourished and you can apply it directly or even soak a Band-Aid in it for a longer treatment.

Castor Oil: Benefits for Hair

When it comes to hair, most of the benefits of castor oil come from the great effects it has on your scalp, from reducing dandruff to improving circulation and preventing hair loss.

When used as a hair treatment, it can add shine by sealing moisture into your hair and controlling split ends.

Castor PlantPhytospecific Revitalizing Oil With Castor Oil

Where to Buy Castor Oil

Easy to find, castor oil is available online and in many drug stores. Some experts advise using cold-pressed castor oil, but the best way to eliminate all traces of ricin, a toxic protein found in castor beans, is heat extraction.

Regardless of what type of castor oil you choose to buy, make sure you do a skin test before applying too much. Use a touch of castor oil on your skin and start using more of it the next day, once you’re sure there’s no irritating effect.

If you’ve already used it and want a product which takes the best of castor oil, but also adds other hair care wonders, like peanut oil, try the PHYTOSPECIFIC Revitalizing Oil with Castor Oil for Dry Scalp and Hair.

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