A rumor launched by an ambiguous email claims that antiperspirants have a crucial role in the appearance of breast cancer. But can deodorants cause breast cancer? Should we really worry about the products we use every day?

Several theories were formulated related to body care products that contain toxic ingredients. Let’s see the truth behind the relation between deodorants and breast cancer. Some rumors say that deodorants/antiperspirants are responsible for perspiration suppressing and toxins builds up in our bodies.

A fact that can lead to sever breast cancer, since our organism is unable to eliminate the harmful toxins.

Indeed it might sound logical, however the truth is that the armpit isn’t the single spot to get rid of toxins. A research has been published that compared breast cancer rates in 1,500 women who use deodorants, antiperspirants and underarm shaving products with breast cancer rates in women who don’t use them.

The study matched women who’d had breast cancer with women of similar ages and circumstances who hadn’t.

It also investigated the possible risk of applying products within an hour of shaving. No increased risk of breast cancer was found with either deodorant or antiperspirant use, whether the products were applied within an hour of shaving or not. There’s no reliable evidence that relates antiperspirants to breast cancer.

One theory attributes cancerous effect to deodorants, due to their high content of parabens – chemical preservatives. Often associated as a cancer threat, the dangerous parabins were soon eliminated from the market.

The statement was gradually de-mystified, since the majority of antiperspirant producers no longer use it in their products. Always read the labels carefully and avoid using those deodorants/antiperspirants that contain parabens.

Aluminum has been also mentioned during the debate about carcinogen deodorants and antiperspirants, an ingredient that was often linked to breast cancer and other illnesses.

Aluminum was found in the breast cells of many patients who struggled with cancer. It couldn’t be demonstrated that it was due to the use of these body care product, in fact aluminum can be found both in food, water and other cosmetics

Scientific explanations are meant to calm the waves this email have launched and at this point there’s no eligible proof that deodorants are the main reason why this illness gathers more and more victims.