As with any surgery, breast implants risks include infection and pain, but before you decide to get implants or a breast lift, you should know more about the specific breast implants risks and side effects.

Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon is very important, but the size of the implant can also cause a lot of trouble. When you go for a sizable increase in volume, breast implants risks and side effects can also grow, including a longer healing process and back pain in the long run.

Leaks and Ruptures

While not common, ruptures and leaks are some of the breast implants risks that can’t be ignored. From a defect in the implant to pressure on the chest, this can happen regardless if you’re going for silicone breast implants or saline. Make sure you get regular check ups, because any ruptured or leaking implant should be replaced.

Breast Implants Effects

Sinking Breast Implants

When comparing breast implants risks and benefits, sometimes the latter outweigh the risks for bigger ones. However, insisting on going big can increase the risk of bottoming out, a process in which the implant sinks to the bottom of the breast, because there’s not enough tissue to hold it in place.

Capsular Contracture

As with any surgery, the formation of scar tissue can sometimes be excessive, which leads to a condition called capsular contracture, where the implant is completely surrounded by so much scar tissue that the pressure inside increases, causing pain and changes in the look of your breasts.

Other Breast Implants Risks and Side Effects

Bad breast implants can cause a lot of problems, but even good ones have their drawbacks, from decreased detection of breast cancer during mammograms to the formation of blood clots (hematoma) or fluid accumulation around the implant (seroma).

Temporary breast implants risks and side effects that could turn permanent include loss of sensation in the breast and nipple area an rippling, changes in the aspect of the breast caused by implants moving.

Breast Lift Risks

Just like in the case of bad breast implants, there are certain risks associated with the breast lift procedure as well. These include scarring and infection, but there’s also the risk of damage to nerves, muscles, blood vessels or even lungs.

Changes that concern sensation in the breast or nipple may last for a few weeks and, just like with silicone breast implants, there’s a risk of asymmetry or other irregularities after the healing process, along with breast-feeding difficulties.

In rare cases, if the blood supply to the nipple is cut off, severe complication includes total loss of the areola.

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