When going on holiday, the size of your baggage rapidly becomes a bothersome problem. No matter what you do, you seem to pack way too many things, be they clothes, shoes, or cosmetics! Scale it down to the beauty essentials perfect for travel.

If you decided that this summer your holiday luggage is going to be much lighter, then you may start by choosing the best travel beauty essentials, whether you travel by car, by train or by airplane!

Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re going to spend your summer holiday in a hotel, then you may forget about shampoo and conditioner. Still, if your locks require special care, you may have to pack a bottle of each of these travel beauty essentials.

A travel beauty kit is the best choice in this case. You may go for a Jane Carter Travel Kit that includes plenty of goodies: shampoo, hair serum, hair cream, scalp serum, conditioner, leave-in conditioner.

These products are all air travel beauty essentials, therefore you may pack them in your hand luggage!

Travel Light

Face and Body Moisturizer

When on vacation, you have to take good care of your skin. Travel beauty essentials include, in this particular case, face and body moisturizers designed for your skin type.

Choose a travel beauty kit such as GloBody Honey Sugar Butter Travel Kit from GloMinerals to pamper your body throughout your summer holiday. This travel beauty kit has a sugar body polish, a body wash, a body butter, a lip balm, and also a travel candle!

When it comes to your face, you may choose a travel beauty kit such as Basic Five Travel Kit from Arcona, available for every skin type.

Basic Five Travel Kit From Arcona Dry SkinGlo Minerals Glo Body Travel Kit   Honey Sugar Butter


Your cosmetic bag can only hold so much, so what do you do when it comes to makeup products? A wise option may be a multi-stick, a beauty product that can be used to add color to your lips, cheeks, and your eyes, as well! Don’t forget to include in your travel beauty essentials bag a multi-stick like the one from Illia Beauty, available in a variety of hues to compliment your skin tone.


What about deodorants? You can’t ignore them either when traveling, but you have to make sure they come in the right size. Add to your travel beauty essentials bag a small deodorant such as Dove Mini Deodorant AP Spray Original, or an aluminum-free deodorant from Clean.

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