After months of stress caused by the wedding planning, you definitely need a break on your honeymoon. Packing the right way and scaling down your beauty routine will allow you to do that, but you also need to look your best.

Discover a few great honeymoon beauty tips, that allow you to spend less time in front of a mirror, while also getting the gorgeous glow that you want, whether you’re headed to the beach or to a different destination.

1. Pack Products That Do More

In order to save space and streamline your beauty kit, it’s always best to bring multifunctional products on your honeymoon, from tinted moisturizer and BB cream to stains that can double as lip color and blush. However, it’s not a good time to try new products, so you should also try to stick to what you know works when putting together your honeymoon beauty kit.

Honeymoon Beauty Secrets

2. Pamper Yourself in Advance

One of the best honeymoon beauty tips is making sure that your get a good mani/pedi, and that you also take care of any waxing. You won’t want to deal with these issues while you’re trying to relax and enjoy a romantic getaway. You can also get a good blowout the day of departure, but don’t worry too much about that if you’ll spend a lot of time on a long flight.

3. Scale Down Your Makeup

Minimalist makeup is the way to go on your honeymoon, whether you’re going to be enjoying cocktails by the pool or going on outdoors adventures. Make sure that you pack an eyelash curler, since it can bring definition to your eyes without liner or mascara, and opt for sheer colors on your lips. For evening looks, go for a subtle smokey eye if you want a bit of drama.

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4. Keep Your Lips Kissable

A good lip balm is a no-brainer on your honeymoon, but you should also make sure that your exfoliate properly. To prevent getting too rough with your lips, one of the best honeymoon beauty tips is to make a paste from baking soda and water, and gently rub it on your lips every night before bed, with a toothbrush or even your finger. Follow it up with a hydrating balm and you’re set.

5. Choose Your Fragrance Carefully

Whether you’re headed to an exotic location or just a nearby beach resort, your fragrance should be selected keeping in mind that you don’t want it to attract mosquitoes and other insects. Avoid perfumes that are very floral or fruity and make sure that your other cosmetics don’t have fragrances that will attract insects.

6. Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

While you can definitely find great travel sized curling irons and flat irons, one of the best honeymoon beauty tips is to embrace a more natural look. While it’s not a good idea to mess with your hair too much before the wedding, you should definitely get a little trim before the honeymoon, and tell your stylist you want it to look good with minimal maintenance.

Honeymoon Hairstyle Tips

7. Test Insect Repellent

If you’re going to a destination where you’ll need insect repellent, it’s wise to find a good unscented one in advance. It’s important to test it out before your trip to make sure that it won’t cause any trouble. Even without perfumes that attract bugs, insect repellent is a must if you want to avoid ugly bites.

8. Don’t Rely on Products with Sunscreen

It can be tempting to skip the sunscreen if your makeup already promises SPF. But what you don’t want is to use great honeymoon beauty tips then get sunburn. Bring a good sunscreen with the right SPF and don’t skimp on reapplying it when you’re out in the sun. 

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9. Control Shine

Unless you’re spending your honeymoon in cool destination, controlling shine is a must, and you don’t want to worry about it too much. Be prepared with portable face wipes and always keep oil-blotting papers handy. They’re one of the honeymoon beauty essentials and a much better alternative to using powder to reduce shine.

10. Be Prepared for Emergencies

You’ll need more than band-aids and antihistamines in your emergency kit if you want to keep your skin blemish free on your trip. One of the most important honeymoon beauty tips is to be prepared for the unexpected. Pack corticosteroid cream, along with aloe vera gel and an antibiotic topical cream.