Growing a full beard that looks great has plenty to do with genetics, but keeping that beard looking in top shape isn’t always easy. If you want to know how to grow and care for a healthy and beautiful beard, find out more about the essential care routine you have to follow.

Discover the best beard maintenance tips that will help you keep your facial hair looking good all year round and reach your beard’s full potential.

Keep Your Beard Healthy

Just like your hair will look dull if you’re not eating well or sleeping enough, same goes for your beard. Make sure you get enough vitamins and other important nutrients that your body needs to grow good looking facial hair. Start eating more food that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and give your hair the vitamins it need. You can go for a multivitamin supplement, but choose one with plenty of vitamin A and vitamin B complex, essential for shiny hair.

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Groom Your Beard Daily

If you’re really serious about keeping your beard looking good, you need to get the proper tools and invest the necessary time in its care. It’s easier if you use a magnifying mirror or even a three-way one, but that’s not the only change you need to make. One of the best beard maintenance tips is using a shave oil, that’s clear and will allow you to see better when you’re grooming the edges of your beard. Shave along the grain and take your time to ensure that you only need to go over an area once.

Trimming a short beard should be done every couple of weeks, while longer ones can last up to 8 weeks without a trim.

Sculpt Carefully

Before sculpting, it’s always a good idea to use a hot towel, which helps open your pores. One of the best beard maintenance tips is that you should never trim or sculpt wet hair, since you might end up cutting more than you want.

Use a straight razor for sculpting or try a regular razor that has an extra blade on the back for easy sculpting. If you want to use scissors and a comb, the best way to do it is to comb through the beard carefully and cut the hair on the outside of the comb. If you’re not used to keeping your beard looking good with a comb and scissors, cut very little on your first try.

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Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs Fast

Keeping your beard free of ingrown hairs is very important. It’s very easy to get your pores infected if you squeeze them, so one of the best beard maintenance tips for ingrown hairs is using a hot towel to open your pores followed by a disinfectant alcohol. Also disinfect your tweezers, do you can grab the hair as close to the root as possible. This way, you’re not risking the hair splitting or breaking.

Shampoo and Condition Regularly

Never use soap on a beard, since it can it out quickly. You can find special shampoos for your beard or simply use a gentle one, that won’t strip all the natural oils from the hair. You don’t have to shampoo daily, but cleaning your beard and conditioning it about 3 times a week will help it look good.

Comb Correctly

The best tool for coming your beard is saw cut comb, but if you’d rather use a brush, always avoid synthetic fibers. Using handmade combs and boar bristle brushes is one of the best beard maintenance tips, since both will help you with detangling without causing split ends of other problems.

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Minimize Damage

Even if the hair in your beard is thicker than the one on your scalp, it can still get damaged if you fiddle with it constantly or if you comb it too often. Once every few days should be enough and you should also consider keeping your bear shorter if it’s prone to split ends.

Tame with Beard Oil

One of the best beard maintenance tips is to only use beard oil or balm when you’re dealing with unruly or wiry hairs. Never use products designed for the hair on your scalp, since they can affect the shine and look of your beard.

Color with Special Products

The same advice is valid when you’re thinking about coloring gray or white hairs in your beard. Try a brush-in color gel, never actual hair dye. When you use a beard coloring product, make sure you apply it at least a few hours after showering or washing your face. Most of them are designed so they don’t stain your skin, but it’s a good precaution to use them when your skin is covered in natural oils, not right after you’ve rinsed them away.