Whether we like it or not, beauty standards are often set by supermodels and each one of us is influenced by this tendency to a certain extent. Many times, looking like a supermodel seems like an impossible standard to reach especially if we are unsure about the path that we need to follow to achieve our goal. While there are no bullet proof standard recipes for getting a supermodel look, applying certain beauty tips that are used by professional supermodels on a daily basis is often a good place to start.

With the right knowledge we can immediately improve our strategy in various areas that are of main interest for us simultaneously with results that will surely satisfy us and save massive amounts of frustration in the long run. Victoria’s Secret angels are considered among the most beautiful women in the world being a wonderful source of inspiration for women all around the world.

When it comes to fashion, skin care or makeup they are among the most reputable experts to draw inspiration from. Here are a few tips that can help you look better from today on, shared generously by Victoria’s Secret angels:

Marisa Miller, one of the most famous Victoria’s Secret supermodels strongly believes that the ultimate secret to getting a body worth admiring is a healthy lifestyle. Despite the numerous rumors about her, Marisa claims she has not turned to plastic surgery not even once and her wonderful features and perfectly toned body are all the result of old fashion hard work. She is a firm believer of the idea that exercise is a necessity and she always makes time for exercise with a flexible workout routine and prepares a healthy snack on the go.

VS angel Miranda Kerr/Getty Images

Although many would think to maintain a perfectly toned body you have to make many sacrifices, Marisa says small indulgences do not affect her. Her rule with indulgences is to avoid having more than one for at least 5 days in a row.

Miranda Kerr is also fully supportive of the idea that beauty comes from within and tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle most of the time. When asked about her secret for a beautiful skin Miranda replied that a natural shake made from natural juice and a supplement of chlorophyl and spirulina is one of the secrets that helps her maintain a clear skin.

When it comes to skin care, Adriana Lima believes there’s no need to experiment with multiple skin care products: her routine is basic as she only uses moisturizers and sunscreen to maintain a flawless skin. Also, to treat a pimple that appears in the worst moment Adriana Lima takes advantage of the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil.

When it comes to makeup, the VS angels have a great variety of tricks that help them deal with the challenges they face on a daily basis. To enjoy a long lasting makeup Linda Hay, Victoria’s Secret makeup artist, recommends creating a base before applying eye shadow or eyeliner. By applying a little powder and concealer to the eyelid you will create a base on which the color will adhere better and you won’t need to reapply makeup.

According to Victoria’s Secret models, curling your lashes is essential even if you are not planning to use mascara as it will make you look more awake and you will highlight the beauty of your eyes.

For a sultry look try applying three to five individual false lashes on the corner of each eye. For a better application use tweezers and apply black liner on the lower lashes. To create a spectacular eye makeup you will need to use a kohl pencil, a shimmery wet powder and a coat of volumizing mascara.

Victorias Secret show backstage/Getty Images