Perfect lips have always been considered one of the best beauty attributes, so no wonder women have always tried to find new methods to give them that seductive pout that steals attention. There are a variety of beauty tips and tricks you can turn towards to enhance your lips, so you can look amazing without expensive and painful surgical procedures which plump-up the lips.

The new makeup trends also place a high accent on the lips, so learn how you can have your lips boost your beauty and sex-appeal by taking the following beauty tips for perfect lips into consideration.

If you want your lips to stand out, make sure you give them a boost in volume. There are lip crayons and lip plumpers available which will help to create the illusion of bigger lips. These effects are temporary and mimic the effects of the results obtained with certain lip plumping surgical procedures, so give this a try and make your lips look like Angelina Jolie’s.

If you want to underline your seductive lips and give the impression of fuller lips, you can use a lip pencil to line the outside contour of your Cupid’s bow (middle of the upper lip) as well as lip corners. Use a flesh toned lip liner which will blend-in perfectly with your lips for a flawless look.

Because wearing lipstick has become a huge trend, you need to learn a few tricks of application as it’s not sexy to have a lipstick smear on your teeth. Apply your lipstick using a lip brush and once you’re finished, stick your ring finger in your mouth, then gently close your lips while pulling out the finger. Any excess which would most likely end-up on your teeth and give you a “colourful smile” will be removed this way.

Don’t use a lip liner that will stand out and not blend-in with your lipstick as this look is so ’80s. Your lips will look very “fake” and since naturalness is the buzzword this year, you’d better opt for a blending and flattering hue.

If your lips are becoming dry or are already chapped, resist the temptation of licking your lips especially if it’s sunny or windy outside. This way you’ll only accelerate the drying process and cause your lips to become visibly irritated. Take a sip of water instead and apply a hydrating lip balm to sooth, hydrate and protect your lips from external factors.

If your lips tend to dry, opt for a lipstick formula that has a creamy texture rather than one that dries to provide long lasting effects, to ensure they remain soft and sensual.

If you want to give your lips a more uniform, symmetric appearance, extend your foundation over your lips and then use a lip liner to trace-out the shape of the lips. Apply a lipstick over and make sure the effect looks natural.

If you have plump lips, use a matte colored lipstick in a vivid hue to make them stand out and avoid applying lip gloss as they amplify volume.

Women with thin lips can create the illusion of plumpness by applying a light translucent cream over and beyond the lip line before applying the desired lipstick hue.

Do pay attention to your lips as they can absolutely help enhance your femininity and beauty.

Beauty Tips for Perfect Lips

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