As summer is knocking at our door, every woman begins wondering what to do to look more attractive and feel sexier. Here are some summer beauty tips and tricks that might help you in order to get that chic and carefree beauty – the perfect look for breezy summer days.

Exfoliate your skin! This will make it glow and you’ll get rid of that tired, dull looking skin. Try a homemade facial made of four to six aspirin crushed into a paste with water. Apply, let dry, rinse and there you are – more fresh with a smooth, glowing skin!

Protecting your skin must become an absolute task every time – in the summer, the sun’s UV rays are more harmful than ever – so protect your skin and choose the best sunscreen for your skin type! You’ll need to apply a shot-glass worth of sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoors.

Make sure you apply enough to protect your chest, hands and ears that are more prone to sunburn. You’ll also need sun protection for your lips! If you’re not into lip balm, you can always other things, such as a creamy lipstick formula that will last even longer than a lip gloss.

Try pink or coral shades that go so well with a hint of bronzer on your cheeks. The mani and pedi are must-dos! Your cuticles must look impeccable; your nails should be cut short and practical, and colored with a bright nail polish from the trendy nail polish trends for summer! For a cool and fresh sensation, try a scented oil pedicure soak.

Remove dry skin from feet with a homemade foot scrub – a mixture of olive oil and kosher salt or raw sugar. This is not only refreshing but your feet will be silky smooth and moisturized.

Hair need to be well taken care of – especially during the summer days – to look shiny and sexy. A ponytail is a popular option on the torrid summer days and will beautifully accentuate your facial features, just as braided hairstyles.

For a more sexy, lived-in look, opt for the boho tousled hairstyles that will work on both shorter and long hairstyles.

Work volumizing mousse through freshly washed hair, and gently scrunch while brow-drying to get that surfer girl hairstyle. Of course, in the summer your diet should be light and should combine all the necessary vitamins your body needs. This includes lots of water too. Useless to say that hydration during summer (and not only) should be a top priority!