People in general love chocolate, however, they tend to scare away of its consumption when it comes of their health. Some would die for it and others regard it a real monster. In fact nutritionists claim that there are certain types of chocolate that can make our skin look more healthy and radiant. Let’s see the following benefits of chocolate on our skin and health in general.

Scientists demonstrated that chocolate can balance our blood pressure, lowering it. These people have praising words for dark chocolate. In fact this treat contains similar ingredients as red wine does.

The experiments proved that the effect was a small one, however it still can reduce the chance for strokes and artery diseases.

Sweets in general contain saturated fat, however these also have some hidden ingredients that are healthy. Stearic acid is a form of the saturated fat found in chocolate, can lower cholesterol.

Dark chocolate is rich in stearic acid that’s why it can have great effects in maintaining a proper cholesterol level. Scientists continue testing the different benefits of chocolate.

Chocolate is a good stress-buster. Containing valeric acid it can immediately relax your muscles and nervous system. Sugar in general has a tranquilizing effect, since these activate pain-relieving substances in our brain.

Eating chocolate release endorphins in our brain, which can make us feel happier and more relaxed. Remember, it was used by the Aztecs as a natural aphrodisiac.

Other tests were made on the healthy benefit of chocolate on the skin. It became clear that the high content of flavonoid in dark chocolate can moisturize and make our skin naturally shining and smooth. This ingredient can also absorb UV light, this way contributing to a better blood flow. Moreover chocolate is rich in antioxidants which prevent our skin form aging.

It is an approved fact that it has more antioxidants than strawberries do. Eating it in decent rations can make you look not only happier but also healthier.

Those who wish to put on weight should eat chocolate with confidence. It is said that substances similar to cannabinoids in these sweets have an influence on the part of our brain that controls hunger.

It can boost your appetite immediately. Contrary to the myth that it will cut down your appetite and make you feel stuffed. However the truth is that chocolate on its own can’t make you gain weight. It serves as a trigger for a rich meal. Eat chocolate raw without any additional ingredients, to avoid gaining calories.