Developing good skin care habits and sticking to them is an important lesson, but cats have plenty of other tips and tricks to teach us in the beauty department, from how important it is to get your beauty sleep to the fact that water isn’t always great.

Check out the most important beauty tips you can learn from cats, and trust these adorable felines when it comes to improving your skin and hair care routine, and even your makeup.

1. Stay Beautiful with Daily Grooming

Cats may seem like they’re really invested in their own vanity, since they spend a lot of time making sure their fur is always looking great. Taking this approach can also lead to great long term results for you. 

1. Stay Beautiful With Daily Grooming

Never skip the moisturizer, the sunscreen application or the removal of your makeup before bedtime and your skin will stay younger for longer.

2. You Can’t Look Gorgeous without Your Beauty Sleep

2. You Can’T Look Gorgeous Without Your Beauty Sleep

While you don’t need as many cat naps as a kitten, one of the best beauty tips you can learn from cats is the importance of your beauty sleep. You won’t be able to keep your skin looking its best if you keep cutting your sleep short. Aim to get at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night, and you’ll see the difference, even without any naps during the day.

3. Munch on Greens Every Time You Can

3. Munch On Greens Every Time You Can

You can’t leave a cat in a garden without the plants enduring some damage. Most cats know how to choose what greens to munch on, and you know too. Dark leafy greens should be an important part of your diet, since they provide important vitamins and minerals that your skin and hair will benefit from.

4. Don’t Try to Do Everything Yourself

4. Don’T Try To Do Everything Yourself

Sometimes you just need a bit of help from a pro, whether it’s an aesthetician or a dermatologist. Cats will groom each other in areas where they can’t usually reach, and knowing when to seek out help for your skin and hair issues is one of the most important beauty tips you can learn from cats.

5. Pay Attention to Your Nails

5. Pay Attention To Your Nails

Felines need scratching posts and they work on keeping their claws in top shape every day. You don’t need to mess with your nails every day, but don’t just get a manicure and forget about them for weeks. Make sure that you also allow them to breathe without being covered by polish constantly, and you’ll keep them healthy and beautiful.

6. Don’t Skip the Eyeliner

6. Don’T Skip The Eyeliner

Defining your features with makeup is important, but it’s never more useful than when it comes to your eyes. Even though their eyes are naturally well defined, never skipping the eyeliner is one of the best beauty tips you can learn from cats. Give your eyes the definition they need with a dark pencil or get eyeliner, even when you want to keep your makeup minimal.

7. Keep Stretching

7. Keep Stretching

While taking up yoga can help you create a better connection between your body and your mind, you don’t have to do that in order to enjoy the benefits of stretching. All you have to do is follow your cat’s lead and start the day by stretching and warming up, as soon as you get out of bed, so you’ll bring more color to your cheeks.

8. Check Your Posture and Confidence

8. Check Your Posture And Confidence

One of the best beauty tips you can learn from cats is to check your posture and always keep your confidence levels high. By not slouching and keeping your spine straight and your shoulders back, you’ll also get a boost of confidence.

9. Speak Up When You’re Trying a New Hairstyle

9. Speak Up When You’Re Trying A New Hairstyle

Unfortunately, cats don’t have a say when it comes to the bigger aspects of their grooming, and that’s why they’re rarely happy once when their fur is trimmed. You have a lot more control, so don’t be afraid to bring pictures to your hairstylist and make sure your vision is fully understood before the scissors come into play.

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10. Sometimes It’s OK to Be Afraid of Water

10. Sometimes It’S Ok To Be Afraid Of Water

While drinking water is always good for your skin, one of the most important beauty tips you can learn from cats is the fact that it isn’t just as good on the outside. When you’re getting rid of unwanted hair, you shouldn’t soak your skin for more than a few minutes, because it will absorb too much water and you won’t be able to get a close shave.