The big hormonal changes that your body goes through when you’re on your period can also wreak havoc on your skin. From enlarged pores to dull skin and from puffiness to flat hair, here are the most common period beauty issues and their solutions.

Discover a few excellent beauty tips to use during your period in order to fight a lot of problems that are caused by hormone shifts. Whether you’re dealing with acne, oily skin or other period related skin problems, here’s what to do.

Fake Your Glow

When you’re dealing with dull skin, there’s not much you do about it, but you have plenty of options to hide the problem. Look for products with illuminating particles, from concealer and foundation to serums and moisturizers. However, herbal facial masks can also help, particularly those rich in antioxidants, thanks to ingredients like green tea.

Fight Oil

In low estrogen days, your skin can get very oily. One of the best beauty tips to use during your period is to find the right cleanser. Look for a low pH product with anti-inflammatory properties. You can also use products designed for acne-prone skin, that include salicylic acid. Sulfur masks can also make a big difference in cleaning your pores and preventing bacteria from causing more pimples.

How To Prevent Period Skin

Depuff with a Good Massage

Puffiness can be very unpleasant, especially when it’s in the eye area, where it’s more noticeable. The most important thing you can do about it is stay hydrated, but a little massage can also fight fluid retention. Be gentle and use circular motions while you’re using your cleanser in the morning in order to reduce the puffiness.

Shrink Your Pores

There’s no magic way to get smaller pores, but one of the most important beauty tips to use during your period is too keep them clean in order to make them appear smaller. Glycolic acid and salicylic acid can help keep your pores clean, but you can also try a simpler solution, by making a baking soda paste with warm water and cleaning your face with it daily, while massaging in circular motions.

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Prevent Dry Skin

Low levels of estrogen can also cause dry skin. Don’t be afraid to alternate between different moisturizers if you notice your skin drying out more during certain times of the month. Double down on moisturizing and go for a thicker consistency, while also making sure that you’re not contributing to clogging your pores.

Adjust Your Makeup

One of the most important beauty tips to use during your period is to switch to creams instead of powders for a more flattering makeup. Use eye primer before a little cream eyeshadow and always make sure that your lips are moisturized with a good balm before applying your color of choice.

Protect Your Skin

During your period, the shifting hormone levels can also cause increased sun sensitivity. That means that you’re more likely to burn and tan if you skip the SPF. Instead of using makeup products with SPF, apply it under your foundation for lasting protection throughout the day. Start paying close attention to protecting your skin from UV radiation a couple of days before your period starts.

Greasy Hair During Period

Revitalize Your Hair

Conditioning your hair and protecting it from heat is one of the beauty tips to use during your period, especially if you’re struggling with lack of volume and dry hair. Use volumizing products and blow dry your hair with a cooler setting. A little shine spray will also help.

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Don’t Ignore Preventive Measures

While there’s a lot to do during your period to fight all these issues, you shouldn’t get lazy with your skin care in the week after your period. Preventive skin care can be very important so the issues won’t hit as hard the next time around. Don’t skip on the retinoids and relax your skin care routine, even if your skin looks better without too much hassle.

Keep Your Diet in Check

Even with the help of the best beauty tips to use during your period, your diet still plays an important part in how your skin looks. Look for foods high in phytoestrogens and polyphenols, from flax seed to dark chocolate, and avoid meals that consist solely of carbs.