While tricks like using toothpaste on pimples and cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks are either risky or harmless, some beauty tips have proven their efficacy again and again on a wide variety of skin and hair types.

Take a look at a few beauty tips that really work and give them a chance to convince you of their usefulness. From replacing toner with witch hazel to using loose powder as an emergency fix instead of dry shampoo, here are a few beauty tricks that actually deliver results.

1. Use Witch Hazel Instead of Toner

Even if you don’t go natural with most of your skin care products and makeup, this replacement will definitely benefit your skin. Witch hazel is cheap and can be found in many health food stores. Free of alcohol or chemicals, it can clean your skin perfectly, without stripping moisture from the skin or messing with oil production.

2. Apply Skin Care from the Outside of Your Face

Most women start at the center of the face, but rarely get to the outer edges, where signs of aging are often more visible. Try one of the beauty tips that really work and change your application technique. Start at the jawline and hairline and work your way inward to make an important improvement to your skin care routine.

Hide Crows Feet With Concealer

3. Use Highlighter to Hide Crow’s Feet

Wrinkles around the eye area can ruin your look, particularly if products start creasing and making them more noticeable. The right way to diminish their visibility is to use liquid highlighter. Choose a liquid highlighter that’s a shade lighter than your complexion and blend outward for an illuminating effect.

4. Fight Redness Like a Pro

While green concealer can help diminish the redness around acne, try one of the beauty tips that really work and use vasoconstrictors. Visine eye drops and nasal sprays can help shrink blood vessels temporarily fight redness better than concealer. They can also reduce inflammation temporarily, helping you use less concealer to hide the pesky acne.

Use Tea Bags In Beauty Care

5. Try Tea Bags to Reduce Inflammation

Another easy way to reduce redness and inflammation over a bigger area is to use a tea bag. Green tea has the highest content of antioxidants so it will work best. After steeping it for a couple of minutes, let it cool and then gently dab it on your problem areas. It won’t work as well as vasoconstrictors, but you’ll notice an improvement.

6. Give Yourself a Pepto-Bismol Facial

Since it contains bismuth subsalicylate, a powerful antibacterial substance that’s similar to salicylic acid, Pepto Bismol can becomes an instant face mask. Try one of the beauty tips that really work and spread two tablespoons of an anti-acid like Pepto-Bismol, Digene or Gelusil on your face. Let it dry for up to 20 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water for a refreshed complexion.

7. Turn Mayo into a Hair Mask

If you’re not using coconut oil or another natural oil that can do wonders for your hair, you can get extra shine and volume with mayo. After applying it all over your strands, cover your head with a shower cap and let it sit for 20 minutes before cleansing it. While it does sound gross, it will definitely give you the extra shine you want.

Exfoliating Skin With Kiwi Fruit

8. Exfoliate with Kiwi

One of the beauty tips that really work, kiwi exfoliation works wonders because the fruit is rich in vitamin C and the seeds have a gentle scrubbing effect on your skip. After peeling, slice the kiwi and mash it well. Apply it on your face with circular motions, but avoid using it on the delicate under eye area or on your lips.

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9. Powder Your Roots

Translucent powder works differently than dry shampoo, but it’s still a great tool to help you fight greasiness at the hairline. Only use loose translucent powder and a big fluffy brush to give your hair an instant pick me up.

10. Change Your Lip Color for Whiter Teeth

Before you start using teeth whitening products that can hurt the enamel on your teeth, try one of the beauty tips that really work and choose a color that makes your teeth look whiter. Avoid yellow undertones in your lip color, and go for colors with a blue undertone for lighter teeth.