In the search for the best natural beauty tips, the kitchen is the first place we turn to, as here is where we find a variety of ingredients which can potentially revolutionize our beauty routine, providing a myriad of alternatives for creating natural and cost effective products. These beauty secrets are worth including in your daily beauty routine as they can provide the same results as pricey over the counter cosmetics. From boosting the skin’s health to getting better looking hair, there are many homemade beauty secrets you can take advantage of.

Beauty secrets for your face

If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional cleanser, learn from one of the best natural beauty secrets from around the world and consider using rice water (obtained by soaking rice in water for 20 minutes) as a gentle cleanser. 

Simply soak a cotton ball in rice water and wipe clean the face to remove grime and other impurities.

Facial Cleansing

Conventional toners can be easily replaced by a small amount of apple cider vinegar diluted in water. Another good choice if you have oily skin is using fresh orange juice on a daily basis which also helps brighten the skin.

Honey is one of nature’s most effective humectants, being a great choice for moisturizing the skin. Just one or two teaspoons of honey can be a simple but effective facial moisturizer which is also beneficial for acne prone skin thanks to its natural antibacterial properties.

Beauty secrets using natural ingredients from the kitchen: Body scrubs

There are a number of kitchen staples which can replace conventional body scrubs. From grounded coffee to sugar and salt, there are a number of combos used to remove dead skill cells at a fraction of the price of conventional alternatives. Using three parts of any of these ingredients with exfoliating properties and one part of oil is the simplest, most basic recipe for effective body scrubs.

Natural Body Scrub

Natural hair solutions from the kitchen

Chamomile tea and beer can be a fantastic hair conditioner which can also help lighten the hair, making it shinier and thicker. If you prefer sticking to a single ingredient to boost the health of your hair, coconut oil or olive oil are among the best choices for deep conditioning and fighting frizziness.

Eggs and yogurt can also be an inexpensive solution for boosting the hair’s shine and nourishing dry hair when used weekly as a hair mask. Simply mix a quarter cup of yogurt with a beaten egg and massage the hair with the mixture for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

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