Whether they cause premature aging, infections, scars, or other problems, many beauty habits persist despite proof that they’re bad. Find out more about why you should do your best to drop the habits that can have very negative effects on your beauty in the long run.

Once you’ve figured out which bad beauty habits to break, you can easily take your beauty routine to the next level, and correct more mistakes that you’ve been making. Here are the big beauty no-nos that are working against you.

1. Cleansing the Wrong Way

Forgetting to remove your makeup before to bed is one of the most damaging things you can do to your skin, but counting on makeup remover wipes can also cause trouble. They don’t remove oil, dirt and bacteria as well as traditional cleansers, but if you’re going to use wipes, then the least you should do is rinse with water very well afterwards.

2. Pretending You Have Self Cleaning Makeup Brushes

When your makeup brushes aren’t regularly cleaned, you risk breakouts and other clogged pores. Ignoring them is definitely one of the bad beauty habits to break. Whether they’re made from natural or synthetic hair, they should be cleaned once a month in soapy water. Use a mild soap or shampoo before blotting them and drying them with a blow-dryer.

3. Getting Rough with Ingrown Hairs

If you mishandle ingrown hairs, you’ll end up with an infection or even scarring. Instead of using your tweezers to dig into your skin, use a warm compress, then apply any acne treatment with salicylic acid to it. That will help the healing process and you’ll be able to fix the clogged follicle more gentle, and reduce the risk of infection or more damage to your skin.

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4. Using Expired Products

The more beauty and makeup products you buy, the more likely you are to keep them around for longer than recommended. Using makeup that’s gone bad is definitely one of the bad beauty habits to break, and you can avoid it by checking the expiration date when you also clean your makeup brushes. If you see changes in texture, smell or color, don’t even bother checking and throw them away.

5. Always Keeping Your Nails Covered

There is such a thing as too many manicures. Keeping your nails covered by polish or lacquer constantly is a bad idea. It doesn’t just lead to yellowing, it can also weaken your nails and cause chipping. Use strengthening treatments regularly, and allow your nails to breathe for a few days or even more than a week in between manicures.

6. Working Out While Wearing Makeup

If you’re planning on sweating, then you better make sure you’re fresh-faced for it. Even if your makeup won’t get runny, the risk of clogged pores is very high. It’s definitely one of the bad beauty habits to break. The easiest way is to use makeup remover wipes, and rinse your face with a lot of water before you hit the gym.

7. Licking or Biting Your Lips

The more saliva gets on your lips, the more they’re likely to get dry. Drop this habit now in order to keep your lips hydrated and looking beautiful. Even if you’re just using gloss and not lipstick, you have to kick this habit sooner rather than later.

8. Rubbing Your Eyes

It doesn’t matter if you’re rubbing your eyes because they itch or because you’re in a hurry to get the makeup off. It’s one of the bad beauty habits to break, since the delicate skin will start wrinkling prematurely if it’s rubbed too harshly. By rubbing your eyes, you’re also damaging collagen in the skin, so cut it out.

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9. Buying a Lot of Drugstore Makeup

You may think that you’re saving money and getting a lot of variety by buying drugstore makeup, but all you’re doing is putting more chemical ingredients on your skin. Scale back and invest in fewer department store makeup and beauty products instead of many drugstore ones.

10. Messing with Your Cuticles

Even if you don’t get an infection by picking your cuticles, you’re risking the long term health of your nails. It’s one of the bad beauty habits to break and all you have to do is switch to gently pushing them back. Use a soft cuticle stick after you’ve soaked your hands in warm water.