Work through the most important areas of your appearance from the locks to the complexion and finally nails. This is indeed the secret recipe to make the desired statement at the office. In order to spare yourself from the various embarrassing beauty blunders make sure you have your beauty bag armed up with the latest formulas that would offer a quick and efficient revitalization of your look. The following list of back to work beauty must haves would furnish you with the best tools to preserve the flawless condition of your skin, body and also hair. Make sure you include these beauty products into your stylish handbag and have your beauty bag at hand all the time.

Dry Shampoo

One of the most fab method to offer an on-the-spot revitalization to your locks is dry shampoo. The hair styling business indeed crowned this formula the most practical and efficient trick to preserve or gain back the spotless look of our locks. Use dry shampoo either before leaving to work or have it in your A-list beauty bag for eventual emergencies.

Apply it to your locks and wait until the solution absorbs all the grease and dirt from your strands. Work it through the roots as well as the hair ends as the best means to enhance your hair with a volume and shine boost. Use a cute paddle brush to secure the proper and uniform application through the different layers.

Makeup Base Products

In the morning some might struggle with a less appealing look. Indeed crow’s feet as well as dark undereye circles are some of the most common skin problems that might ruin our look. In this case all you have to do is go through the quick makeup base application and mask these flaws with mastery.

Use first as concealer or a foundation to hide the dark circles and even out the skin tone. Then proceed to the application of face powder in order to add a natural and spotless finish to your complexion. It is wise to have these products in your beauty bag as in case of emergency situations and regular touch ups to keep the untouched impression of your makeup.

Eye Shadow Palette

Play with the various shades in order to bring out the best features of your face. Have a stylish eye shadow palette in your beauty bag in case you have to attend a meeting which requires a spotless and high class look. When selecting the desired shades it is a must to limit yourself to natural and office-chic-appropriate hues rather than going for the vibrating tones. Keep your makeup minimal and play up the best assets of your complexion and face with the best makeup formulas. Pair the right color to your eyes as well as skin tone and pull off some of the most stylish makeup trends on the market.

Cream Blush

Were you looking for a versatile products that can be used for various purposes? Then the cream blush is the name of the game to fulfill your wish. Multi-taskers as these can be used also as lip balms and also as a blush to add a girly and fab tint to your cheeks.

Use the same shade to create a harmonious visual effect. First and foremost apply the blush to the lips then finish up your makeup with highlighting your cheekbones.

Make sure you apply the products to the best spots that are no longer the apple of your cheek, instead the bones and it is also highly advisable to proceed upwards in order to add a fresh and feminine flair to your look. Choose a shade that is both natural and decent and also complements your skin tone and lip color.

Nail Polish

It might seem tricky to carry all the fab shades of nail polishes in your bag. However if you spot the shade that best suits your skin tone as well as nail length, you’ll be able to carry just that one with you for any emergencies. Having a nail varnish at hand might save you from the embarrassment of showing your un-polished nails. Keep your manicure in its best shape and make sure you avoid any accidents or activities that might ruin your nail art. In case you use your hands during your work the chances for the ruining of your manicure increases. Therefore it is wise to have at least one nail polish at hand.