Cellulite body wraps may not remove the “orange-peel” or “cottage cheese” aspect of your skin completely or permanently, but they have been proven to be powerful anti-cellulite treatments, which firm and tone your skin, while also stimulating circulation and visibly reducing “dimpling” appearance. As a result of a cellulite wrap treatment, your skin looks more appealing, therefore making you feel more confident in your own skin. Plus, getting a cellulite body wrap at a spa center feels like a relaxing treat.

Anti-Cellulite Body Wraps

The great thing about having your anti-cellulite body wraps done at a spa is that the atmosphere is incredibly relaxing: in a room with dim lights, scented candles and peaceful music playing in the background. You’ll be sitting on a massage table while a therapist will be applying herbal anti-cellulite wraps on your troubled areas, after you’ve been thoroughly scrubbed and rinsed. After all cellulite wraps are in place, you are covered with an electric thermal blanket that will make you sweat for the next 30 minutes or so, after which you apply a cream or a lotion. However, cellulite wraps at a spa are rather expensive, so if you want to have regular body wraps for cellulite, you need to consider at home alternatives.

Relaxation In A Spa

Cellulite Wraps at Home

Cellulite wraps at home are a cheaper method of visibly reducing the appearance of the “orange-peel” skin. There are different ways of applying an anti-cellulite wrap, and one of them involves cellulite creams. You can create your cellulite wraps at home using and thermal blacnket, Sisley Celluli-Pro, an anti-cellulite body care cream, pure Vitamin E oil – or other essential oils – and a plastic wrap.

Mixing in the anti-cellulite cream and oils, apply it on your troubled areas, gently massaging your thighs, buttocks or even arms. Next, you do the cellulite wrap with any kind of plastic wrap you find at your local store. Make sure the cellulite wrap is really tight. Then you’ll lay down on your thermal blanket that was pre-heated while you were applying the cellulite wraps. It’s best if your do it before going to bed so you can keep it all night, while you sleep.

Abdomen Wrap

Homemade Body Wraps for Cellulite

If you want a cellulite body wrap that resembles those done at a spa, be prepared for things to get messy with one of the best homemade body wraps for cellulite.

Take ½ cup of olive oil, juice from one or two grapefruits, a whole pack of dried thyme and mix them up in a bowl. Apply it on you abdomen or legs and thighs, getting a really nice thick coat. Then wrap yourself in cellophane. If you’re only working on your abdomen, a heating pad might be just as useful. Wait 30 minutes until you remove your cellulite wrap.

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