Popular Beauty Myths – What’s true and what’s false?

We’ve all heard and taken a lot of beauty advice from our friends, mothers and grandmothers but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all true.

Some things are passed from one generation to the other but you should keep in mind that the cosmetic industry has come a long way in a few years, so some things that seemed like a good tip a long time ago, might turn out to be something ridiculous or even harmful.

Here are most 9 popular beauty myths and misbelieves:

The higher the price of a product the better it isNot entirely true! Good quality ingredients are indeed more expensive but keep in mind that you are also paying for the brand, so you might get the same result paying less for a not so known product with the same ingredients.

Popular Beauty Myths

The key is in the ingredients used in the product. Soap is bad for your face.Not true!

The new soap formulas are not as harsh on the skin as they use to be. The ‘tight’ feeling after washing your face is caused by the removal of the protective barrier on your face. The oil on your face protects you from external pollutants so washing your face with soap removes that protection. Wash your face with mild soap or cleansers once a day.

Cucumber reduces the appearance of eye bags.True!

Cucumber reduces the effect of puffy eyes because it cools down the skin under your eyes, thus reducing the amount of fluid that causes the bags. Since the cucumber only acts as a cooling agent and doesn’t penetrate the skin the effect will only be temporary.

Rubbing lemon juice on your teeth will make them whiter.Not entirely true!

Everyone knows that lemon juice has whitening properties but the citric acid found in lemon juice can also deteriorate your teeth’s coating.

To look your best you need to get enough sleep.True!

Your skin is able to regenerate and rest during the night, when you sleep. If you don’t get enough quality sleep your skin is going to show it.

Massaging the scalp can stop hair loss.Not entirely true!

It hasn’t been proven yet that scalp massage can stop hair loss. Though some people claim this works, scientists believe that it’s the placebo effect that give results and that is why its success is limited.

Shaving your legs will make the hairs grow thicker.True!

Shaving the hair will make it grow stronger, therefore thicker. It’s best to wax because the hair is removed completely and the result last longer.

If it’s cloudy outside you don’t need sunscreen.Not true!

The dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate the clouds as well so sun protection is necessary even if the sun isn’t showing.Not true!

Fat is a different tissue from muscle tissue so it’s impossible to transform one into another.Physical exercises can break down the extra fat deposits that cover the muscle tissues, therefore revealing the muscles more. The lack of physical activity can reduce muscle tissue.