Consider your body as a place where, periodically, all kind of transformations take place. And their measure is not calculated annually, according to the season, or monthly, but rather for a shorter period of time. We wake up in the morning and we get to be totally different before going to sleep. Cells have a certain rhythm when we wake up and a different one at the end of the day. Therefore, our beauty routine has to be built around these changes and according to the needs of our body. We must create our own habits and everything will feel natural without having the sensation of too much pressure.

Step 1. Morning shower is the key point of the entire day beyond any of its hygienic connotations. Right before drinking your morning coffee, pamper yourself with a shower, not to hot, and try using an energizing shower gel. It has a tonic effect as water drops hit the skin waking up millions of nervous terminations, stimulating the blood circulation and, from now on, everything starts functioning at high speed. And in the evening, for relaxation, a long bath is the best option. A few times a week try doing a peeling or a massage.Tip. If you can, go to the gym in the morning as the body consumes much more energy and after working out you’ll be alert and active all day long.

Step 2. Moisturizing comes just after shower, when the skin retains the most moisture as pores are open so that the body lotion can be easily absorbed. Apply body lotion on damp skin. If you use an anti-cellulite lotion, apply it first, wait 2-3 minutes, then you can apply body lotion. This ritual is available also for your face with one special mention that you should use a special cream with SPF.

Step 3. Tweezing your eyebrows can be a tricky business. It is an unpleasant operation and the best moment to do it is just after shower because the skin is softer, the pores are still open so tweezing becomes piece of cake.

Step 4. Eye compresses represent the forth step from your beauty ritual. Your eyes need exactly an hour of relaxation after getting up as they are rather swollen. In order to boost the blood circulation around the eyes, cold water is not enough. Apply cold compress with marigold tea or specific cosmetic products with cucumber or citrus extract. Keep them in the fridge and put them on the eyes a few minutes.

Step 5. Foundation can give a natural, nice aspect to your skin if applied ten minutes after shower and after applying the moisturizing cream. In this interval, natural oils from the skin get to the surface and the foundation can be applied evenly for a smooth-looking skin. Translucent products are easy to apply because they have a fluid texture.

Step 6. Perfume is an important detail in your beauty routine. The big mistake is to apply it on the clothes. That’s why we should apply it before getting dressed. Spray it on your wrist and on pressure points, inner wrist, inner elbow, behind knees and behind the ears.

Step 7. Night cream, anti-aging and acne treatments have better results if applied between 9 and 10 pm when cells are much more receptive to this type of stimuli. These kind of treatments are better assimilated overnight as body temperature rises with 1-2 degrees, and pores dilate.