Unless you’re one of the few lucky women who seem to be living on a different planet, the warning signs of PMS are unmissable. It’s that time of the month to reconsider all your life choices and scream at your mirror. Here are the biggest signs that regularly remind you of PMSing, just in case you hit your head and forgot.

1. The Muffin Top

While cramps are their own torture, here comes the moment when your clothes don’t fit. Bloating makes you feel like the Michelin man. The skinny jeans that you wore yesterday now look and feel one size too small. Time to dig deep in your closet for those loose tops!

2. Cravings Central

Chocolate, ice cream, chips, and pizza are your new food groups! Even when you know how you’ll feel afterward, you just can’t help it. The sugar cravings are bad for your waistline any time. But the salt craving leads to even more bloating. And who can sleep after a late supper of 1,000 calories?

3. Waxing Torture

You planned your bikini waxing for this week and you can’t reschedule? Tough luck. Everything hurts more, but waxing is a nightmare when you’re PMSing. Wait for your period to be over or prepare to experience pain that’s usually reserved for child birth.

4. Everyone Is Annoying

Your man suddenly turns into an asshole. Your friends are all jealous of you and trying to sabotage you. And every stranger you meet is trying so hard to get on your nerves. Even kittens rub your the wrong way. If everyone is doing something wrong, it’s you. And all you can do is wait for it to pass.

5. No More Quality Sleep

After all you’ve been through, you can at least get a good night’s sleep, right? Wrong! Low estrogen makes you feel like the Human Torch. Low progesterone also affects the quality of sleep. So get ready for some…

6. Skin Trouble

With or without your beauty sleep, your complexion is in trouble. Time to reconsider your makeup routine again. Blemishes and breakouts will happen either way, but you can do some damage control with the right products.

7. Compulsive Cleaning

When everything about your body is out of your control… Just look around. Everything is a mess and you HAVE to reorder all your nail polishes by color! Compulsive cleaning may be tiresome, but at least you’ll have something to show for all your trouble!