Adopting good beauty habits early on is crucial for keeping our youthful appearance for longer, however, it’s never to late to work on eliminating a few bad beauty habits and including better practices into our daily routine. If you’re looking to get maximum results for the time and effort you put in on a regular basis, here are some aspects you should focus on:

Beauty Tips You Should be Doing: Skin care

1. Applying sunscreen daily

You heard it many times before, but this is one of the most important beauty habits to live by, so it bears repeating. Religiously applying sunscreen can keep both premature skin aging and skin cancer at bay, but only if done correctly. Experts say that one ounce of sunscreen needs to be applied to every part of body exposed to the sun every two hours for maximum efficiency. When applying sunscreen, beware of frequently missed spots such as the back of the neck, your ears, the back of the knees or your feet.

Sunscreen Use

2. Using eye cream even in your 20s

The eyes are the first ones to show signs of aging and if you’re not taking steps to prevent that from happening early on, you might find yourself regretting it sooner than you anticipate. To make it easier to select the best eye-cream for your needs, keep these things in mind: ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin C and retinol help stimulate collagen production, while ingredients such as vitamin K, kojic acid and hydroquinone help reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles. Also, try to avoid rubbing your eyes.

3. Going easy on sugar

Though this might seem more like a health tip, it’s also one of the best beauty tips to live by. Here’s why: sugar breaks down collagen and elastin, through a process called glycation. As a result, the proteins in the skin start losing their elasticity, facilitating wrinkle formation.

Essential beauty habits: Makeup

4. Cleaning makeup brushes frequently

It’s generally recommended to wash your makeup brushes once a week, however, if you suffer from acne, you should be even more diligent about cleaning your makeup tools and consider doing it daily to remove old makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria and oils which can make matters worse.

Makeup Brush Use

5. Not using makeup when you work out

A full face of makeup when working out is a bad idea as heavy foundations, powders or concealers can clog pores by inhibiting the skin’s ability to breathe and can even cause breakouts. Besides, smeared makeup is never a pretty sight.

Beauty Habits to Try: Hair

6. Using an old tee to fight frizz

If you’re looking to define your beautiful natural curls, you should definitely try swapping a towel for an old tee as it will be gentler on the hair, lessening the risk of breakage and decrease the chances of getting split ends.

7. Sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case

Cotton pillow cases can be quite harsh on both the hair and skin. Satin or silk pillow cases will cause less tangling and will maintain the hair’s natural moisture. Moreover, making the switch will also benefit the skin as these fabrics cause less friction. It’s also useful to know that the effect beneficial effect for the skin will be maximized if you sleep on your back.

Sleeping On Satin

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